Introducing Dungeons

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Samantha walked through the busy market towards the side street where she’d been told the dungeon was.
A red door.

She had been stuck on a hot sticky tube and got off at the tube station nearest the Dungeon. She’d drunk 4 bottles of water before starting her journey and headed into the nearby pub and straight into the toilets, but not to pee. Simply to remove her underwear as instructed. God, how she was bursting for a pee, but Alas, no permission.

Through the market in the short skirt, no underwear – erotic and at the same time horrifying and scary. A single gust of wind and everyone would see. She’d wanted a dress that would hug her figure but been told an A-line or pleated skirt – and it was just the sort that could be blown upwards by a gust of wind.

Finally she got to the Dungeon door. She rang the intercom. The door lock buzzed open. She looked in. A single flight of steps down to another door and whips and handcuffs on the wall. It was only then she noticed the motorcycle courier right by the door who was looking at her and at the wall decor. She stepped in and with relief closed the door behind her.

Trembling she descended the stairs. At the bottom was a single item taped to the door. Put this on and knock.

She had discussed with Master Xoobs in advance her wish