Most Brats suffer from one thing only, A profound lack of discipline and also crave one thing, profound clear and severe discipline. Brats stem from a system that tells us that children are ill, sick, infested with the seeds of diseases and syndromes like intermittent explosive disorder, when in fact, they are having tantrums and need to be disciplined by strong parents or quasi-parents who love them.

Brat – A bottom who enjoys struggling against control or challenging the top. Brattiness has a wide spectrum from the playful ‘uppity bottom’ to the smart-ass masochist (which see). Some brats are ‘testing’ their dominant, others have a desire to be ‘conquered and tamed,’ while some simply do not wish to be controlled. [see Smart-ass masochist]


Training a slave in obedience can be an ongoing and lengthy process depending on the slave and her Master, but the real problem is finding a sub in the first place.


  • This will start as a session taking place over part of a day (usually just before lunch and continuing until 8am the next day).
  • The sub must have filled in the Checklist on the site’s homepage
  • The sub is not allowed any drink or anything to eat on the day of the meeting. Master will provide any food and water.
  • The sub must notify Master of any allergies.
  • This is typically a sub who is lippy and who misbehaves – possibly refusing to be respectful and possibly wearing wholly inappropriate behaviour.
  • The sub will agree at the outset to stay in the premises until 8am the next day and to be held, if necessary against her will, although the sub will always have the opportunity to use the safe word “RED”. After “RED” the sub will be asked what the problem is and it can then end the session when it will be allowed to leave. No further sessions will be scheduled if a session is ended early. (This agreement will be signed and the RED safeword explained together with the consequences.
  • The Sub will then be inspected as is normal for Master’s initial inspection
  • The Sub will then be taken through the BRAT REPORT
    • Any dissent or abuse or foul or inappropriate language will be penalised by use of Red, Blue or Green cards at Master’s discretion (applied on the basis of the severity of the offence).
    • Attitudes and behaviour in the BRAT TRAINING (Part 2)

      Bratty Examples

      • In the middle of spanking, start yawning and snoring.
      • While you are waiting for Master to finish spanking, start grading him on each stroke on scale of 0 to 10.
      • Put sugar in the coffee
      • Responding to Make me a coffee by making it but not bringing it to Master
      • When told to Behave, responding by  “I am behaving ….badly”
      • Starting a sentence with “You said….”