Brat is a term for the BDSM role of a bratty submissive or bottom and unlike most submissives, a brat talks back, misbehaves, and is otherwise difficult to manage because brattiness or brat play is a sub-section of their submissive play and most who take the role of brat seriously enjoy being ‘put in their place’ rather than submitting easily and similarly some Dominants enjoy the challenge of getting a brat under control.

For some Doms however brattiness is a deal-breaker. Brats talk back using phrases such as ‘Is that all you’ve got?’ “Good boy”; “Thank you my all-knowing fluffy bunnykins”.as a way to goad their top into heavier BDSM play or will deliberately misbehave to cause punishment to be metered out.

Common Brat Tactics

1. Incitement – They know they shouldn’t do it but they do. They’ll wind you up with “Master/Sir is always right” in a tone dripping with sarcasm or reaDily agreeing with you if you say “I’m such an idiot ……” oh, yes Sir, far be it for me to disagree with Master when he is so capable of a self-assessment. Sub must necesarily agree that Master is an idiot, yes Master/Sir. Your pet will remember that.”  and then they will keep up the reminders for a considerable period of time.

2. Pranks – Toys will go missing or shoe laces will tie themselves up or disappear whilst you’re asleep – shoes have a habit of tying themselves together when Master snoozes in a chair, or sub will offer you a massage and instead of using massage oil, will use blue food colouring.

3. Coy silence – Be afraid, be very afraid because this is a sign that your brat is plotting or is up to no good and setting you up. The silence is a distraction from the main event…..or in some cases, it is designed to make you suspiscious when they’re not doing anything wrong (because they know that subsequently they will use the same tactics when they are doing something wrong).

4. Innocent puppy eyes – Imagine a cute puppy sprouting fangs, or the cute mogwai which turn into evil Gremlins if  fed water after midnight….. You have been warned.

Remember: Brats are only looking for ways to keep Masters on their toes and inject some fun into their lives ….Do you have one….make her take the test!