Caning – Part 2


Sexual connections: 25% of women (although very few men) can actually get orgasms from the cane.

Endorphins can lead many bottoms into a profound submissive space. If you enjoy serious D/S or role play, you may find this endorphin-oriented warmup offers a startlingly good beginning

This is because the shock waves made by a cane are directional – they tend to continue through the target in the general direction the cane was moving when it hit. Touching a thigh or belly, you can feel the shock of a medium cane stroke go right through a person.

The “sweet spot” in the lower butt, either side of the crack, and sends waves up into a whole complex of muscles, nerves, and engorged tissue that is directly involved with sexual excitement and the best technique is a steady cadence, a rhythm of light or medium blows on the sweet spot and ideally angled very slightly up and forward.
Sensation Hound: Pure S/M creating sensation for sensation’s sake. No roleplay. The same power exchange as a massage. Concentrating on smoothness, the sub’s comfort and welfare, and cooperation.

The Ritualist: The top is a trainer, preparing and coaching the bottom for some ritual ordeal, passing on the secrets of mind control, wherein pain becomes ecstasy taking the sub into sub-space communication.

Comrade: A roleplay preparing a secret agent to resist/survive an interrogation and of course the interrogation and torture can follow later

Science Fiction: The aliens whose ship crashed and can only power it from sub-space energy created by caning.