Electro-submission and Safety


Electricity should never be passed across the
heart unless you are trying to stop or start it!

As any good paramedic knows, if current is passed through the area of the heart, it can cause ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrest or other problems and it can be easy to accidentally or  inadvertently pass current through the heart.  Its as easy as attaching one electrode to the clitoris and then leaning on the other. The current will flow from the clitoris up through the body to the arm and down the arm (or in the opposite direction, depending on which terminal is connected where). If it passes from arm to arm, it will also pass through the heart.

Always make connections with the unit turned off, and in single electrode devices, generally make all connections below the waist. Also It’s generally not safe to try and wire up two people to one device as this is inviting trouble. It can be done safely, but you really need to know what you’re doing – for example, a vaginal probe and a penis probe can be used with great effect, but only if you switch on once penetration has occurred because otherwise current flows throught the first party of your body that touches the other person.

It’s too easy to have inadvertent contact with the other person causing current through the heart area.

Nipple electrostimulation needs extreme care because the nipples are dangerously close to the heart. It’s usually OK to use “bipolar nipple clips” but you should ensure that you only use one channel/output. These have two electrodes each, and used properly, most of the current will be confined to the very small bit of flesh trapped between the clamp’s jaws. In theory, this is relatively safe (and often painful I might add). If you use two channels, it’s possible that current can flow BETWEEN the two channels and that means flowing between nipples and probably through the heart. If you are going to use both nipples, make sure you use bipolar clips and that you use separate devices with fully isolated outputs. That way, current can’t flow from one nipple to the other.

You should also remember that electro-sex can cause the most powerful of muscle contractions. This is usually not problematic when the unit is connected to the genitals, anus, etc, but electrodes elsewhere, for example on the thighs, even with a very slow increase in current levels can cause sudden, unexpected stimulation and more than one Master has lost a tooth from an unexpected and involuntary leg movement. Its also important if someone is standing up or in a sling to remember this in order to prevent falls. Also, if bondage is involved, bear in mind which keep muscles could contract and what the effect might be.

DO NOT USE HOME MADE DEVICES OR DEVICES ADAPTED FROM OTHER PRODUCTS.  Certain fetishists use dog training collars, but you need to remember that the machines may be able to be turned up higher than is safe for humans.

NEVER try to adapt other devices such as stereo equipment, telephone equipment, train transformers, electric fence units, etc. (More than one person has died from peeing on an electric fence.). 

Finally, this is not a common issue, but electrostimulation should NEVER be used on the neck or head. There are some very good medical reasons as to why not. If you follow the “always below the waist rule” this is, of course, not an issue.

Pulse Type Device Choices

The TENS machine (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) was developed by the medical community for therapeutic purposes. These output a pulse type waveform that is adjustable in current (level or amplitude), pulse width (energy) and frequency (rate), and if you have an expensive model, different modulation (Pulse Pattern) options.  to vary the output. Nearly all TENS units are limited to a maximum output of 80ma (which is 0.08 amps) and have a bipolar output. This is enough current for most electrostimulation needs but more advanced practitioners may desire more (especially for anal or vaginal stimulation in S&M scenes). TENS units are available from several sources and usually start around a few hundred dollars. They typically offer two isolated channels so you can wire up two different areas of the body at once and independently adjust the level to each.

The EMS machines (Electro Muscle Stimulation ) range from cheap Asian-made units (sometimes called “electro massagers” or “body toners”) to high quality professional grade devices. The higher grade materials have much higher current output than TENS units and are available in 2 to 8 channel versions, but most don’t allow much change on output and the pulse width is usually fixed and possibly also the frequency.  is fixed, and only the level and on/off cycle are usually adjustable. Inexpensive machines typically come in at 50ma and more expenisve ones do 200ma. Again cheaper ones are bipolar rather than unipolar.

Finally ESS (ElectroSex Stimunation) units are made . ESS devices made specifically for erotic use and include the P.E.S. box, Folsom Electric PSG-202, Folsom “Max”, Sexi boxes and the “Shock Box”, most of which are two channel and the better ones are isolated channels for safety. Most have adjustable frequency, adjustable level and on/off rate but bi-polar units are rare.

Always check your connectors as they vary between machines.

Photo from http://www.release13online.comPhoto from www.release13online.com

PSG-202: Good for feeling but carries less current than a TENS machine and needs more power to be good, leaves users wanting more power.

Max: Feels rough and limitations mean better for S&M use rather than pure pleasure.

Shock Box unrefined and better for S&M use rather than pure pleasure

Paradise Electro (P.E.S.) Box: Reasonable power and great electrodes but overpriced for what you’re getting.

Sexi box: Weak and poor pleasure in output.


Electrodes can be improvised, but in general, it’s best to use products designed for the purpose.

Some women find it very pleasurable to have electrodes internally and on the cliteris and the current can be made to flow through the valina, the labia lips and up into the Clitoris but the intense sensation may be too much. If you are into catheter style electrodes for the urethra, they should not be inserted fully into the bladder and a sterile procedure must be followed. The urethra electrodes  produce a very unique (and often very intense) form of electrostimulation, and possibly beter for S&M. Safety Note: Urethral electrodes are single electrodes and must be used with another electrode, often in the vagina or anus.

Both sexes enjoy anal electrostimulation because of the  large muscles around the anus that are stimulated by the current so that extremely pleasurable rhythmic contractions can occur.
Ideally the device should have two contacts that run in strips along the length of the device, rather than separate concentric electrodes. (Different shapes can produce different effects as they are rotated). If a single contact  device then use with an electrocatheter or vaginal electrode but remember that these are fragile.

You should use devices only on one person unless you’re using a commercia dungeon who can be trusted to properly disinfected the items and allow them to fully dry between uses and it is critical to check that electrode strips are fully in place because these have sharp edges.

Finally, you can’t beat, for many purposes, the TENS pads which can be safetly attached to the genitals, buttocks, inner thighs and other areas, and remember that for equal sensations, you need the same size electrodes in similar places.


Stimulation can felt along the entire path and not just at the site of the electrodes.  This is why the inner thighs can be irresistable.

Don’t use genital (or other) body piercings as electrodes, they can be heated up and cause burns due to the mix of materials used and because current can be confined to very small areas.