Dungeon Pony

THE DUNGEON PONY is a derivation of the

This is a piece of furniture that works on the same basis as the pillory base, called the “Wooden Pony” it has its origin in the medieval catholic torture chambers and later used in the colonial period in America. This was known as “riding the rail,” but then the piece of wood used was sharp at the point where the crotch was “resting.” The victim was often carried through town, after possibly having been tarred and feathered.

Our dungeon versions are less painful, but much more fun and work on the basis that the submissive must not be able to get her feet on the floor or any other item to relieve the pressure on her pussy.

– Alternatively they can be set up so that the thigh can grip the side of the pony to relieve pressure.
– Another way is that your sub straddles the plank, feet on the floor, but just barely (Because the height of the base is adjustable so that sub can be standing just on the tiptoes so that the pussy pressure can be relieved.

This works on the basis that it is almost impossible to keep adequate pressure on the side of the pony with the thighs or to stand on tip-toes for long and therefore its a choice between pussy paid and hthigh or toe pain.

As you can see in the diagrams, the point of the wood is more rounded or protected by lead, and therefore, though still uncomfortable, will not lead to injury.

Alternatively  – being pony-pain, you can have constructions based on show-jumps where the central bar adds the pain. And if you can’t build one, then simply head over to bdsm-gear.com and buy a ready-made one.