Tinkerbelle’s Story

This is no typical story:

I have been a high flyer all my life. I’m a mental control freak. When I turned 18, I went to Uni and did drugs. I was always in control. Marijuana gave me a break from reality and I often fucked boys senseless under its influence. I went at 22 into banking. A friend took me one day to a dungeon. Wow! I met a few people. I can’t say I had ever presented myself before and felt accepted by them. I started going alone regularly. I felt welcomed, something I’d never felt truely before. It was then that I met Luke. Luke was one of the masters visiting the dungeon, he had a sub he lived with but wanted a part-time sex-slave girl too. He was really Dom and I found out that I was really sub under his control.

I was a bitch in vanilla life and gave in to no-one but in the dungeon, I was a pussy cat to him.  He gave classes on bondage and safety in BDSM and had helped a lot of people. I had my own pad in the city and I bought BDSM furniture, the sought you could reconfigure as normal furniture. I could turn my apartment from vanilla to dungeon in less than 40 minutes.

He told me that I could leave anytime I wanted by saying my safe-word “Locherbie” when he would drop me. We went over my limits. I made it clear that save for Anal sex (I had an irritable bowel) the hard limits might not be hard if I was forced and there was to be no visible bruises, branding or needles or tattoos or anything else that my bank colleagues may see or my health screening would pick up on. I was OK with Luke and his female sub and made it clear that this was a trimogonous (just the 3 of us) relationship and that any other man involved had to use condoms and I wasn’t into asian or black men.

I never had anal sex. I was subject to multiple forced gangbangs and once on a weekend break when I’d been lippy, he’d picked on two single guys in the pub and invited them back with us and I found he’d sold me for £50 each to them for 2 hours as long as they used my mouth and vagina only and he’d tied me to a set of portable stocks and they each both made me suck them and they both fucked me twice over 2 hours. He watched encouraging and telling them I was a slut that needed a lesson or two. It was usually followed by some of the best sex I ever had and I was hit, spanked, suspended, dunked and generally fully involved in BDSM.  I knew I could always use the “Red” safe word to say no without repercussions in any scene although I knew that would give Luke tremendous satisfaction and I was damned if I would give him that pleasure. After 3 years, I used the leave safe word and never saw Luke again.

I now have two great little kids and a great husband who’s really vanilla and a GP Doctor but I still hanker after the dungeons. I often wonder if I’d cheat on him if I met Luke or someone like him.