Thanks to the ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN SLAVERY DUNGEON MASTERS for permission to reproduce this.

Private Ceremony Version
To be carried out as soon as possible after the Candidate has agreed to accept her Master’s collar.

  1. The Candidate enters blindfold.
  2. Inner Guard: “Who is there?”
  3. Candidate: (candidate may be prompted)
    “A poor Candidate in a state of darkness and duly lacking in submission and obedience who has been well and worthily recommended, proposed and approved, and properly inspected at the door and now comes, of her own free will and accord, properly prepared, bearing all before this Dungeon and humbly soliciting to be admitted to the mysteries and privileges and knowledge of the Inner Sanctum of the Dungeon.”
  4. Inner Guard: “How does she hope to be forced to experience the mysteries, privileges and knowledge of the Dungeon?”
  5. Candidate: “Through Submission and with open mind and orifices available to Masters at all times”
  6. Inner Guard: “Halt, while I check”
  7. The Dungeon Door is then barred
  8. Inner Guard: “I place this collar around your neck and lead you to the Senior Master”
  9. Senior Master – A good report of your tongue has already been heard. Do you, seek to be prepared as slave or submissive
  10. Candidate: [Candidate chooses Slave or Submissive as an answer]
  11. Senior Master: “Candidate Slave or Submissive*] do you vouch that you are properly prepared?
    [*depends on former answer]
  12. Candidate:  Yes most venerable Master
  13. Senior Master – Then step forward and be inspected.
  14. Candidate takes one step forward opening her legs as wide as she can in the Inspection stance
    (Master examines)
  15. Senior Master: “Place it on the Stool”
  16. Candidate adopts the relevant position on the initiation stool.
  17. The Inner Guard presents dungeon poignard to Candidate’s vagina.
  18. Inner Guard. – Do you feel anything?
  19. Candidate : (if she feels it) “Yes”
  20. Senior Master: – Candidate as no person can be made a Slave or Submissive unless she is free and of mature age, I demand of you, are you  free and of full age?
  21. Candidate: I am.
  22. Senior Master – Thus assured, I will thank you to kneel while the blessing of the Universe and Heaven is invoked on your initiation.
  23. Senior Master –“We seek thine aid, Almighty Governor of the Universe, to present this Candidate for training into [slavery/submission] so that she may the better enabled to unfold and expose the beauties of her body to her Masters”
  24. Senior Master –“In all cases,  in whom do you put your trust?”
  25. Candidate: “In God and my Masters”
  26. Senior Master – The Brethren will take notice that the Candidate having been in full view before them, and showing her nakedness and vulnerability, is a Candidate properly prepared, and a fit and proper candidate for [slavery/submission].
  27. Senior Master – “Do you seriously declare on your honour that you freely and voluntarily offer yourself a Candidate for utter domination by your Master?
  28. Candidate aloud: “I do”.
  29. Senior Master – Do you likewise pledge yourself and you mind to your Master with a general desire to gain knowledge of proper submission and a sincere wish to render yourself entirely, mentally and physically, to your master and to give you body to him entirely for his own use and pleasure?
  30. Candidate: “I do”.
  31. Senior Master: “Do you, as her first Master, seriously de­clare on your honour that you will properly train this object as a [Slave/Submissive] and treat her without mercy when she fails to please?
  32. Candidates Master: “Yes”
  33. Senior Master to Candidate: “Do you further seriously de­clare on your honour that you will afterwards abide by and submit to the instructions of your Masters without hesitation or resistance?
  34. Candidate: “I do”.
  35. Master: I swear in relation to this Candidate that I will accept it as my Submissive/Slave and deal with it fairly, reasonably and in the manner that a dog such as this should be treated and that I will continue to do so until it has fully submitted to my will and given its body entirely to me and to fulfill my wishes and that I will portray the purest principles of love and training upon it in order to secure those privileges that its body has to offer and to keep secret and inviolate mysteries of its training.
  36. Candidate – Thank you Master
  37. Master to candidate: Do you still accept the instruction of your  Master and future Masters under penalty of having
    – mustard spread on your tongue if you are too bratty in your language to Master
    – grated ginger to be inserted into your vagina and anus if your refuse to allow your Master to use your body
    – to be held in a dungeon for 1 month and generally used as a sex object as punishment by all of the Members of this Association if you repeatedly refuse the instructions of your Master
  38. Candidate: Yes I do.
  39. Senior Master: And if you are found unworthy of training, then you will suffer
    -you will be publically displayed and humiliated as willful, disobedient and bratty individual, void of training and totally unfit to be a Masters toy and held for a period of the moon in total darkness for the use of any Member hereof and at the end of that date
    — the dungeon poignard to be thrust into your vagina and up through your mouth and your vagina split from legs to throat or placed upon a Judas Chair with your legs and hands drawn apart for 30 days.