BOX STOCKS (>>How to Make<<)
A simple means to immobilise the Submissive, with an optional upright bar.

FULL STOCKS (>>How to Make<<)
A free-standing flexibly designed set of stocks featuring two upper stock boards to lock in the neck and wrists. By lowering these two boards, the third comes into play. In this position, these three boards can restrain ankles and wrists (and head, if your occupant is very flexible). The horizontal stock boards can restrain the ankles, possibly in combination with the head, wrists, or both. By making the sides of these stocks longer, they also accommodate taller people and also double as a spanish pony.
The design will vary depending on whether you want purely stocks or stocks & spanish pony
(If you want stocks & spanish pony (which is our preference then you will use a base which is flat on the floor and will then add on an upper tier to the base which adds in the feet stocks