Masters Dinners

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You may have been to a Munch or two, but until you’ve been to Master’s super-munch, you haven’t seen anything yet.

If you’re a long-term member of Fetlife or known to Master, and are prepared to verify your ID, you may get an invitation to one of Xoob’s famous dinner parties.

We also take Guest Masters and their subs or Guest Mistresses and their (female) subs if the subs are bi-sexual. ……..but the foods quality is excellent and they’re a lot of preparation so don’t expect to get in for the price of a McDonalds, but as we do it as a zero-profit exercise, It’ll cost you what a decent meal out will cost.


  • Masters will be dressed in Dinner Jackets or Jacket and Tails – this is a Black Tie event.
  • Mistresses will wear appropriate black dresses/skirted attire.
  • Submissives will be female under the age of 45 and  size 12 or under.
  • There will normally be 4-6 Doms per Dinner party.
  • There is a male Senior Steward*
  • A submissive must arrive dressed (although this could be just a coat and shoes as long as it is not obvious to external viewers that she is nuder under the coat), but it may also wear blouse/jumper and skirts or dresses. On arrival it will be introduced to the assembly and it must then lift its skirt/dress and show lack of panties or alternatively publicly remove its panties upon arrival and will then be prepared. It will thereafter be dressed in stockings or will be entirely nude. It may show pubic hair but this will be neatly trimmed or entirely absent. Its underarms and legs must be shaved.  (It will then be given 5 to 10 minutes to undress properly (shower is available) and then are “formally admitted”
  • Doms must bring at least one sub.


  • No subs permitted if menstruating
  • Sex Workers are not permitted.
  • Subs will be given coloured wrist and ankle bands to designate their consents 

    Masters will be asked to identify their submissives when admitted and it and its Master must sign the consent documentation. Once admitted it is banded.

    Masters will be asked to identify their submissives when admitted and

    • Master’s name marked on the sub by writing with surgical pen on top or arm (if visible)
      or by white paper collar with master’s name on.
    • Wrist and Ankle bands will be attached
      • Red – No touching – restricted to sub’s Dom only (rarely permitted)
      • Yellow – finger touching permitted by all Doms (no penetration – sub consent not required)
      • Blue – finger touching permitted with finger penetration (sub consent not required)
      • Orange – safe sex vaginal penetration permitted (with sub consent)
      • White – safe sex vaginal penetration permitted  (sub consent not required)
      • Green – safe vaginal and anal sex permitted   (sub consent not required)

        ON RARE OCCASIONS, we provide two additional bands

      • Pink – vaginal sex permitted without condom (sub consent not required)
      • Purple – vaginal and anal sex permitted without condom (sub consent not required).

        Where Master brings a slave, the Master chooses the colour (If declared as a slave, red and orange bands will not be available).

    • NO CAMERAS OR PHONES – These are checked in at arrival
    • If a sub or slave arrives with untidy pubic, she will be affixed to the St Andrew’s cross and the hair plucked short as punishment for disrespect to the body assembled.


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