Why Submissive?

Why does BDSM allow you to explore your sexuality?
During training, the Submissive’s body will be flooded with Endorphins and Adrenalin as well as Serotin.

There are over 20 types of Endorphins (or endogenous morphines, natural body morphines). These have both neurological and spinal effects. Twenty different types of Endorphins have been discovered in the nervous system. These are anti-stress hormones that relieve pain naturally, and created and secreted into the body when you have pain or stress.

They also block the signal of pain to the nervous system and this can also have the effect of both reducing pain and . This causing the Submissive to feel euphoric (intense excitement and happiness).

Endorphins enhance our immune system and:

activate natural killer cells (NK cells) in our body. When we are stressed, our immune system’s effectiveness (immunocompetence), and NK cell’s effectiveness, are reduced considerably but not completely. NK cells kill defective cells, and therefore also have the ability to kill cancer cells.
repair blood vessels allowing blood to flow in a normal manner and help to improve the circulation of blood,
Create ‘SOD’ (Superoxide Dismutase) which anti-aging effects by removing Superoxides that cause diseases and aging
help keep the brain cells young and healthy;
Reduce stress, in fact our ability to cope with the stress is in proportion to the endorphins levels we have in our body.
Block pain because at that moment of pain, endorphins block the neuro-transmitters in our nervous system
Improve your memory: You can improve your memory by the help of endorphins because they can keep the brain cells young and healthy, it also helps maintain a harmonious relationship with other people and enhances the ability to think creatively and have more endurance.
Most importantly, they are very effective mood regulators and when they are secreted continuously, spread to the whole body including the brain – creating a feeling of excitement, happiness and well-being and slowing down the ability to process pain.
This is why it is possible for a Submissive to learn to orgasm just be being spanked.

Endorphins are however short lived, because our bodies produce killer enzymes, called endorphinases, which neutralise the Endorphins and this means that when play stops, pain can then set in. (This is why a Submissive may accept a good deal of pain during a session but find themselves sore the next day saying, “What was I thinking?”


The body’s 2 Adrenal glands, are controlled from the nervous system and secrete epinephrine (which you know as adrenalin) and norepinephrine (noradrenalin) into the blood. These reduce sudden stress, by increasing the rate and strength of the heartbeat, raising blood pressure, and speeding up the body’s energy-production. (Its why you’re often hungry after an intense BDSM session). The glands also produce Glucocorticoids that regulate the use of digested foods and help the body adapt to stress, including cortisol (hydrocortisone) which controls inflammation.

……now that you know what both our adrenal glands and endorphins are and what they do to your body, you can see why BDSM sessions work and how you will react to a session and then also look at how your body (or the body of your Submissive) is reacting and to compensate for some of the negative after effects that can come about as our bodies are thrown out of balance

AFTERCARE is essential to re-adjust the Submissive’s body to its normal state and its unhealthy for her not to be given Aftercare.

The Endorphins also activate opiate receptors which reduces pain but also reduce seratonin, causing a “drop” event so your Submissive’s appetite, sleep, memory, learning, temperature regulation, mood, sexual behavior, cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, endocrine regulation, and, of course, depression.

It is theorized that it is the endorphins affects on the seratonin levels during scening that causes many of the after affects that need to be dealt with in aftercare and most especially could be responsible for the severity of the “drop” phenomenon some encounter anywhere from immediately after ending a scene to up to 270 hours after a scene. (Yep that is 11.25 DAYS later folks – although this is extremely rare – it has been known to happen in a few cases).
The down side to what the adrenal glands do is that it virtually STARVES your body of some things such as potassium and sodium. Also the adrenalin rush causes the body to burn fluids at a much higher rate as well so you are rapidly dehydrating yourself at the same time.

What is a Sub-Drop
The combination of the above and the reduced or inhibited serotonin levels, lowered blood sugar, potassium and sodium levels, lowered body fluids. This causes (depending on the depletion levels) lethargy, depression, muscle weakness and/or cramps, nausea, headaches, dizziness, irregular body temperature, lack of mental focus, irritability, and can lead to problems if Aftercare is not carefully considered and dealt with, the Sub can relapse into depression and tears, even days later, and have material issues with Guilt.


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