All for One and One for All

One of the fundamentals about the BDSM Hen Nights it that you’re all in it together. Yes, you may have collectively decided to stack the deck against the bride or the chief bridesmaid, so that there is more likelihood that she will be picked out for “tasks”  and “experiences” however any Hen Night will only work where there are six fundamental principles:

  • It is primarily about the Bride
    This night is about the bride-to-be, nobody else. Keep this in mind and everything will run smoothly. It is meant to be about her last night of being single before she ties the knot; it needs to be a night she will remember for the rest of her life. Time to celebrate! The “Hens Party” has become a very special part of any wedding & it is becoming increasingly important to make her “last fling before the ring” as special as ever. This rule is the most important rule of them all. Abide this rule and everything will fall into place. Whatever you do, inform the bride, you change the slightest thing, inform the bride, someone cant make it, inform the bride, aliens have landed, inform the bride. IF IN DOUBT INFORM THE BRIDE. Keep her happy and everything will be ok.
  • Everyone is at risk of being chosen
    There may be six of you or ten of you all naive, innocent, staring at the ground, up into the night sky,  wide-eyed and nervous, but you’re all in it together. There are random cards for punishments as a group and to ensure compliance, any failure of any single person to take the selected punishment will end the scene, i.e. the BDSM Hen Night (and you won’t be able to claim compensation for this).
  • Everyone has to have given prior consent and to continue to consent.
    Prior consent from everyone is required. If anyone withdraws consent, then this will end the scene, i.e. the BDSM Hen Night (and you won’t be able to claim compensation for this).
  • No Photographs, No Phones
    Master may take photographs, but no photographs or phones are allowed. Photographs from Master are designed to avoid identification of people participating and consequential risk of blackmail. Master even carry fake tattoos to disguise you and if you have a particularly identifiable tattoo, Master has a way to disguise that too using airbrushes and body paint! (Minor extra charge to cover cost of paint will apply)
  • Skirts or dresses only
    No shorts, No trousers, No dungarees etc. …..And your knickers will be removed on arrival.
  • Co-play will occur
    You may be required to kiss one of the other girls ….or more. SO GET USED TO IT.

If this is your first time experimenting with anything of the sort, you’ll be pleased to find a fun, light-hearted and comfortable atmosphere in which to explore with your friends! This hen party is great for girls that are close with each other and there are bound to be some giggles

There used to be a time when all the girls got together, dressed the bride-to-be in seriously odd clothing and made her eat a Lunch Bar out of a potty filled with lemonade or something similar – Well actually, it’s not so yesterday because it does still happen, a lot, but the more modern Hen’s parties these days are pretty much matching anything the Bachelor Party has ever strung together. In fact, many Hen Parties are far more like the 1940s Bachelor Parties where there were girls of limited virtue to ensure that the bridegroom had a night of debauched sex as their last night of sexual freedom before the relative monogamy of marriage…..and today, it’s common for the Hen Party, if behind closed doors, to  involve things that 75 years ago would have guaranteed the wedding was called off immediately.

The nudity does not usually really bother the Party–it’s what the nudity portends that makes them nervous, and the undressing in front of the others. And once your clothes are off, they stay off. It’s a form of strip poker where the challenges and penalties get worse the longer you stay clothed.
And it’s not just the Bride who will end up naked but the entire Party

Kidnap (Click here for More )
Our Hen Night starts with a Kidnap of many of the participants where they’re abducted at gun point into a van, and often stripped naked for the ride.

ONce everyone is delivered to the `Venue, the Bride to be in made Queen – his night is about the bride-to-be, nobody else. Keep this in mind and everything will run smoothly. It is meant to be about her last night of being single before she ties the knot; it needs to be a night she will remember for the rest of her life….and she will, because she will sit tonight in her throne.

She has ultimate rule, and any Hen can appeal to her mercy, but if the Queen says “yough” then Master carries out the sentence.

Punishment and Forfeit Cards

Through-out the evening, at various points, there are Jeopardy cards drawn, sometimes by all, and sometimes by an individual. These can be tasks to do, or bonuses, or forfeits carried out by Master.

And to make it fun, there are lots of games to play as well as experiencing the BDSM dungeon.

And you’ll get to add to the punishments, by making up your own cards — just remember that you may pull your own card.

Stand and Deliver or Grab your Ankles
With a combination of heavy drinking and nudity,

“Grab your ankles” or “Stand and Deliver” is a command given at random, where  if you’re standing, or sitting or lying, you must do grab you ankles within 5 seconds and then the punishment is read out and the last person to grab ankles is the forfeit.  Usually a spanking but it may be more. It is combined with “Stand and Deliver” where
….just try not to be holding a tray when Grab your ankles is called!


Game: Banned Words
Everyone has 5 minutes to memorise the list.All words and phrases on your list are strictly banned. Anyone caught saying a banned word/phrase at ANY point during the hen night, they must perform a forfeit. The specifics are up to you; Don’t Say It! makes a great drinking game (take a drink every time you break the rules), but you may prefer to up the stakes and dole out an embarrassing dare for every taboo word. 9If you’re one of those competitive people who thinks that every game needs a winner, you may wish to keep score. Make a list of everyone at the party, and when somebody says a banned phrase, cross their name off the list. Anyone who manages to stay on the list until the end of the night should get a special prize…or perhaps an extra-nasty punishment for being such a goody two-shoes!). This game works best if the banned terms are almost impossible to avoid saying in a hen night scenario. Words such as: The name of the groom, Wedding, Married, Hen, Bride, Marriage, Sex, Church

And it wouldn’t be a Hen Night without the other Games.

Game: Pass the Adult Parcel
A simple game of pass the parcel with forfeits or prizes in each Round, sometimes with drinks, with the winner winning a sex toy she must demonstrate the use of ….either on herself or any other hen.

Game: BDSM Jenga
Jenga with a difference. Everyone removes a brick, each has a BDSM rule or requirement to remove an article of clothing of take a drink, ……..and the person who collapses the tower takes a Jeopardy Card.

Adult Twister
The rules are exactly the same as in ordinary Twister apart from the fact that every time you fall over an article of clothing is removed and you take a drink.

Condom on Courgette
The last to open a condom and get it on a courgette pays a forfeit.
(The catch is that everyone  is wearing handcreme).

Sculpting Competition

Adult Hoopla

Wheel of Miss-Fortune

Kinky Roulette
A Kinky variant of Roulette

Truth or Dare
The Hens make up Truth or Dare cards, some of which are performed in other rooms etc and some of which are in envelopes and opened in other rooms. (Performing in other rooms means that there is no corroboration (deliberately)).

Banana Decorating Competitions
Where the winner gets to make their Hen of choice eat their banana

and ,,,,,,,,there’s the Cake!

The BDSM arena,
Later on in the evening, the BDSM Hen party breaks down into sections to ensure you learn everything you need to know! The session will, of course, begin with some ice breakers to ensure that everyone is feeling comfortable. Each session teaches you something new and gives you something new to try in BDSM with participants drawn out of the Hat, and ensuring everyone gets a turn too! Although the Master will need a volunteer drawn from the Hens. (If the Queen is chosen, she can choose to participate, or if she declines, this becomes the job of the Chief Bridesmaid).The chosen volunteer will not leave the BDSM stage.

The Master will enlighten you to the different elements of BDSM and be able to answer any questions you may have along the way! So, by the time you go to bed, you’ll all have the same rosy glow

You’ll play with an Ice Dildo by filling a condom with water, tying it closed and putting it in the freezer. When it freezes, it can be used vaginally, (Not anally because there’s no flared base). An ice dildo is especially tantalizing if you’re bound and blindfolded and Master or another Hen  uses it on you without warning. Your hair will stand on end, and you may find yourself begging for less — or even more! Many sex toy materials, including stainless steel, ceramic and glass, respond well to temperature. Running a toy made of any of these materials under frigid water will transfer the cold to them — and the opposite works as well. You can insert them directly or run them over sensitive body parts such as the nipple for an arousing effect.

You’ll play with BDSM candles (Normal candles burn too hot!), nipple clamps and edible underwear,

From the warm up to arousal, taste and touch, safety words, restraint, punishment and reward, you’re going to feel confident in your training by the time you go to bed! You’ll also have found out whether you’re submissive, dominant or a switch.

You’ll learn about Bondage and its attraction.

…and if its a long weekend and you want to go out……

Painted Hens – the transparent mac 
and if you fancy a trip nearby, one lucky Hen goes naked, just wearing a transparent raincoat, having been painted.

Helen Naked in Brighton

Sara Naked with Mac

Anyan, naked…and no-one noticed!
(she joined the other Hens who
were wearing superhero costumes)

Georgina who simply decided to go just wearing boots!

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