Master’s Dinners

You may have been to a Munch or two, but until you’ve been to Master’s super-munch, you haven’t seen anything yet.
If you’re a long-term member of Fetlife or known to Master, and are prepared to verify your ID, you may get an invitation to one of Xoob’s famous dinner parties. Occasionally we sell tickets too, but don’t expect to get in for the price of a McDonalds.


  • Dominants will be dressed in Dinner Jackets or Jacket and Tails – this is a Black Tie event.
  • Dominatrixes will wear appropriate black dresses/skirted attire.
  • Submissives will be female under the age of 45 and preferably size 12 or under.
  • There will normally be 4-6 Doms per Dinner party.
  • A submissive may arrive dressed but it shall wear skirts or dresses and it must publicly remove its panties upon arrival.
  • It will be introduced to the assembly and will lift skirts to show lack of panties.
  • It will then be given 5 minutes to undress properly (shower is available) and then are “admitted”
  • Doms must bring at least one sub.

  • No subs permitted if menstruating
  • Sex Workers are not permitted.


Masters will be asked to identify their submissives when admitted and it and its Master must sign the consent documentation. Once admitted it is banded.

Masters will be asked to identify their submissives when admitted and

  • Master’s name marked on the sub by writing with surgical pen on top or arm (if visible)
    or by white paper collar with master’s name on.
  • Wrist and Ankle bands will be attached
    • Red – No touching – restricted to sub’s Dom only
    • Yellow – finger touching permitted by all Doms (no penetration)
    • Green – finger touching permitted with finger penetration with sub consent
    • Blue – finger touching permitted with finger penetration (sub consent not required)
    • Orange – safe sexual penetration permitted with sub consent
    • White – safe sexual penetration permitted  (sub consent not required)
  • NO CAMERAS OR PHONES – These are checked in at arrival
  • Sub Pubic hair should be saved or trimmed/plucked short (see pictures).


The submissive’s unless otherwise restrained or occupied will assume the wait position or inspection position. The inspection position is shown below and the Wait position is the same but with its hands behind the lower back.

When serving a standing Dom, the submissive must have its head not higher than the Dominant’s waist, when serving at the table, it must stand tall with the head up and may only swivel eyes down. It must at all times have its legs apart when serving.It may be required to kneel when serving at the Doms request.

If carrying hot drinks such as coffee, it may stand with legs closed where required for balance.

Subs may be required to serve drinks and amuse-bouches.
Subs spilling anything or not observing etiquette rules must take a penalty card.


During the amuse-bouches, a sub is selected to serve as tablecloth. It is bound naked on the table



Served in limited amounts to ensure behaviour


Depending on the format agreed for the evening, Dessert is either by random draw of the submissives or by vote of the Doms.


Table sub will be washed by 2 other subs and must then return to the gathering.

After dinner, if a submissive is not actively looking after a Dom or serving drinks it must assume the focus position as shown in the fireplace, hands must not be used to hide genitals.


We have two types of penalty cards. Standard blue penalty cards I have normal cards awarded for minor infractions of the rules and are typically some of the humiliation tasks that a submissive will have been set by its Master/Mistress in the past when it has misbehaved.
Red penalty cards are designed to be given to submissive when it has seriously and profoundly misbehaved. At any time when a submissive has been told and that it must take a penalty card, it will take a blue card unless:
a) a red card is specified; or
b) its own master tells it to take a red card instead.


Master Xoob’s dinner parties started as a side project for Master Xoobs training of subs. The Nyotaimori XXXperience TM  is an art … a true artful gastronomical experience.  A cum-bination of Gourmet foods and Whore d’oeuvres these dinner parties are not to be missed. To date, we’ve provided over 125 dinner events where we have served sushi or other whore-d’oeuvres and gourmet dishes. On occassion we do have venues that we work with to provide a dinner party in a genuine Dungeon.

We take pride in making sure everything about our naked dinner party services are on point, with subs clean and nude and serving nyotaimori sushi (unless we have people who are  for different dishes are allergic when we reserve the right to substitute dishes) and other delicacies. Menus are always published to short-listed visitors so that they can identify any preferences and allergies.

We focus on providing the experience and have the know how to keep the sushi safe. We also create our own sushi. Our services are perfect for leaving you with a lasting impression.

As with any service of raw seafood, those with compromised immune systems, pregnancy and untreated heart conditions are not recommended participants in our Nyotaimori XXXperience TM.

• We prepare our sushi to restaurant standards. We time and temp control all of our food and document to ensure all of our food meets acceptable health department standards and we typically do not offer fish in contact on the skin without precautions necessary to insure the safety of our guests.

• The first toast given during a dinner is normally offered at the beginning of the meal. Traditionally, the first toast is offered by the host as a welcome to guests. Toasts offered by others start during the dessert course.

• How long do events last?
Nyotaimori XXXperience TM typically lasts from 7 pm until 11pm

7pm Guests Arrive and sign in, cameras and phones are handed over. The sunny impresses includes various confidentiality agreements which insures everybody’s privacy and legally prevents anybody secretly filming and subsequently disclosing that film. ( We reserve the right to scan for Secret cameras and we know most of the techniques used in secret filming.  Once guests  have signed in the Subs are lead into the main dining area and introduced to assembled guests and inspected.  Something are then free for 15 minutes to have a brief shower to freshen up and must then reassemble naked in the main room.  It will then be provided with the wristband of the relevant colour. Subs who are unfamiliar with stance positions will be shown these, where appropriate. From the time and that a sub arrives, it is subject to the random penalty card system.

7.30pm Table Draw
The draw occurs for the honour of Table sub and the Sub is removed to be cleansed  and prepared.

7.45pm The Table sub is affixed to the table and those foodstuffs that are not temperature-sensitive or which need to be served at body temperature are placed by the chef on it.

8pm (prompt) Entrees are served, followed by main course. Subs will have been designated to serve wine and assist at the table. Diners are particularly required not to touch the Table sub in the arse area or pubic area  for reasons of hygiene.  Diners will normally be expected to use chopsticks to remove food from the Table sub and it is expected to remain still throughout.  As this is a social event, serving subs have been instructed to limit alcohol consumption per diner in order to maintain decorum and facilitate conversation.

9pm: Dessert is served. This is usually served on a second Table sub in the interests of avoiding contamination between fish and pudding.

9:30pm:  After Dinner entertainment.   When dessert is finished, diners (those who wish to) may lick the table clean all my order their subs to do so on their behalf. After dinner drinks usually brandy/ cognac may be served, to stimulate and aid digestion (*). Subs are then expected to see to the Doms needs. Subs who are not paying attention maybe identified by any of the Masters/Mistresses present and will be required to  choose any Red penalty card.  Where there is a dispute as to whether it  was paying attention, the Masters/Mistresses word is final, subject to host resolution of any dispute between the Masters/Mistresses.

10:40pm Subs are excused to dress.

11pm Diners and subs start to leave.  You are asked to leave quietly and with consideration for other neighbours nearby.

LEAVING NOTE: You are asked note to discuss anything you have seen during the event until you are in the privacy of your car. ( You should not discuss anything you have seen if you are in a taxi or chauffeur driven car until you are in the privacy of your home).  This is for the protection of diners, subs, hosts and neighbours. You are also reminded how About the strict confidentiality rule and should therefore not discuss anything you have seen at the event nor discuss the event generally with anybody he was not present there).

We excel at coming up with creative ideas for your Nyotaimori XXXperience TM.


  • Chefs wear plastic gloves when handling raw fish or sushi.
  • Serving raw food on someone’s body isn’t sanitary as the body warms up the raw fish and bacteria can be a problem.  Therefore whenever possible food containing fish will have a base (such as cucumber/toast) designed to insulate the food from body heat. We avoid whipped cream because the body warms up the whipped cream and make it taste bitter and instead we use cooled whipped yoghurts and ice cold fruits and fruit salad. On the right table, mashed potatoes and gravy with some juicy chicken breasts can be served. Gravy is no more than 5 degrees above body temperature for safety reasons. We also use honey and artificial syrup. Chocolate and chocolate syrup is discouraged as it melts on the skin too quickly.
  • Choice of sub: This is limited to size 12 (preferably size 10 or below) because too many curves can make it very difficult to serve upon the sub if it is chosen for the table.
  •  It will be the chefs discretion as to whether to wrap the pubic area of the table  in clingfilm. ( this is always necessary if the request for a shaved pubic area has not been complied with).
  • Whilst “copping a feel” is OK subject to wristbands, open sex is discouraged although penalty card sanctions must be taken at the event.
  • Typical Menu: The dining begins with the serving of champagne & aperitifs, simple salads, sake, etc. The sushi, nigiri and sashimi are next and this is when things start to become truly amazing. There will be more than enough, you will not be disappointed. We may serve you with tapas size creations using exotic ingredients

1st weekend: 6 May 2017            No Party
2nd week: 13 May 2017               Fully Booked
3rd week: 20 May 2016               No Party
4th week: 27 May 2016               Fully Booked

1st weekend: 3 June 2017           No Party
2nd week: 10 June 2017             Fully Booked
3rd week: 17 June 2016              No Party
4th week: 24 June 2016             Fully BookedJuly                                                No DinnersAugust                                           No Dinners
Cost £275 per head (plus venue hire if staged in Dungeon)Due to increased costs for food and wine, the cost from 1st September 2017 will be £300

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