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Most of the Submissives who are linked to Master Xoobs are quietly into Humiliation. Not that they’d admit it and not that it is in any of their online profiles; however there’s just something about the Bratty submissive that you can occasionally read and which screams HUMILIATE ME. This Blog is written based on the experiences of the submissives in being humiliated but for ease of reading I’ve dropped them into a single Blog. Shortly I’m going to make the Subs write their own blog.



  • Sleeping on the floor
  • Standing in the corner
  • Standing in a bowl of ice
  • The number of strikes from the designated punishment toy
  • Writing assignments (lines)
  • Maths assignments
  • Kneeling on a hard surface
  • Kneeling on cooked rice
  • Food restrictions (except where this interferes with health)
  • Cold showers
  • Speech restrictions -This does not include the SafeWord and normally the submissive will be given a writing pad to communicate


  1. Set a minimum period between bathroom breaks and maximum number of bathroom visits per day and ensure sub is drinking at least a pint of water an hour (two pints in the summer) – can be very uncomfortable if she misjudges, especially day one
  2. Must ask permission to go pee and taken on a lead into garden 
  3. If secluded garden/gerden at night available she’s taken on all fours for walkies
  4. If out for the evening – i.e. Munch drinks
    – she drinks “long drinks” whether beer, shandy, lemonade, coke etc
    – A log sheet is placed on the table
    – Sub must ask permission to go to the toilet
    – Sub must pre-fill in the sheet about what she will do in the toilet (Pee etc)
    – Sub must take measuring jar with her (Brought to pub)
    – Sub must return and ask another Dom (not her Master) or a Sub on the other side of the table aloud to fill in chart for her recording volume, colour, time of peeing stream and other details about peeing,
  5. ….Set a toileting schedule for her. If she misses the timeslot she forfeits the right to use the toilet until the next timeslot
    (Great for controlled teacher subs that one ….. teacher dying for a pee whilst teaching!)
  6. Place rings on the toilet walls and tie knees there.
  7. Make her eat a meal while sitting on the toilet.
  8. Make her pee in the mens toilets with the door open and legs apart
    -great for hotel bathrooms that one
    – particularly with a fold out sign on the entrance to the toilets
    “Submissive female training in progress – DO NOT TOUCH – but please feel free to stare”
  9. Forbid her to wipe herself. This means she has a choice of calling you for help
  10. Sit in the next room and call out when she is to stop and start the flow of pee
  11. After she goes, put a blanket on the floor, make her lie on it with her knees up and spread or hold her legs back in the air, and use baby wipes to clean her ass and pussy thoroughly.
  12. Take her to a restaurant and make her eat with handcuffs on, or with one wrist handcuffed to the table/chair/bar – make her aware of everyone looking at her.
  13. Take her to a restaurant and make her eat with handcuffs on, or with one wrist handcuffed to the table/chair/bar – then ask a compete female stranger to be handcuffed to her and take her to the toilet as you can’t – thus making her pee in front of a complete stranger (Don’t say you’re police as its illegal to impersonate an officer – just say she’s in your custody and you’re short staffed and a female member of staff was not available)
  14. Make her wear knickers and/or bra with sand paper in them
  15. Make her wear knickers with holes cut in them.
  16. Make her wear knickers with things written on them like I’M A SLUT FOR MY MASTER.
  17. Make her dip everything into her pussy before she eats it, every bite
  18. Wearing odd shoes, too much makeup, holed stockings and unbrushed hair, then take her shopping
  19. Make her into a table or other piece of furniture.
  20. Make her wear pigtails and carry a doll in public
  21. Make her wear a veil (specifically the niqab) in public
  22. Take her to a crowded, upscale bar and have a couple drinks. Then make her go remove the bra in the bathroom and then hand it to you slowly and place it on the bar.
  23. Take her to the park in light pants and make her pee in them – then walk her slowly home
  24. Invite 2 other Doms around for drinks and then make her masterbate for everyone’s entertainment
  25. Have a dinner party where she (naked) is the table
  26. for making ‘catty’ remarks to my Master all day: dressed as a cat (playboy style) in catsuit but with a hole in the back for insertino of a tailed buttplug, cat’s ears on headband marked BAD PUSSY, cat’s whiskers drawn on face, openable vaginal flat (velchro) on catsuit.
  27. Sign embroidered on back “Submissive in Training”
  28. SLUT Written on legs with arrow up legs whilst shopping
    (slut walk tights are available on ebay)
  29. Make her keep a blog of her humiliations and all her negative and positive feelings and photographs (Mask on at all times during photos)
  30. Public announcement of Apologies in front of other people (For example: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Could I have your attention for a minute please. I would like to apologise to my Master publicly for being a poor submissive who can’t follow the rules and  for {state offence}. I’m sure I will be spanked later and promise to try not to enjoy it.Thank you for your time”)

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