Pinwheels or ‘Wartenburg’ wheels, were originally designed to test nerve response…ours tests a little more than that. The spiked rotating wheel can be drawn up and down the skin to generate a wealth of sensations.

In Electro-wheels, to allow connection with a power box, the pinwheel is fitted with an insulated handle and a single heavy duty socket (sizes vary). As the single pinwheel is a monopole electrode, there is a need for another contact point. As this is a monopole electrode it can be used on most parts of the body, but care needs to be taken to ensure the path between the pinwheel and the second contact point does not cross the chest, and do not use to stimulate areas above the neck.


“Just Pure Evil” is how they were described. When run gently over the skin, each rotating spiked wheel teases and torments the skin as the current flows though, producing an unbelievable sensation.

We strongly recommend the use of conductive gel as pinwheels on dry skin just don’t work as well.

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