Safety measures in SubSpace

  • Never leave a submissive alone in subspace at all (except for example going for a pee).
  • Never abruptly end a scene in which you know the submissive is in subspace – however marginal
  • If the Submissive is in subspace, the scene must end as part of a return to real space (see Aftercare)
  • Never criticise a sub during the exit stage of subspace
  • Never impose responsibility on the submissive for any aspect of the play or for their descent into subspace as they don’t have the perception to control it properly.
  • Be aware of a possible inability to clearly communicate.
  • Always leave time for recovery after a scene, even if you believe the sub has only just touched subspace. (The experience for the sub might not be mind-blowing, but it might have ramifications.
  • Remember nothing builds trust and commitment more than a sincere demonstration of love and support when helping a submissive return to normal space.

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