Training a slave in obedience can be an ongoing and lengthy process depending on the slave and her Master, but the real problem is finding a sub in the first place.

Training depends on the type of sub and her age

BRAT TRAINING Under 21 For Master

BRAT TRAINING Under 23 For a female in the household of others (Not intended for Master’s long-term use)

STARTER TRAINING  Under 21: For Master (Click Here for More)

STARTER TRAINING  Over 21: For Master (Click Here for More)

STARTER TRAINING  Under 21: For someone other than Master or to cure an unruly female in another BDSM family (Click Here for More)

STARTER TRAINING  Over 21: For someone other than Master or to cure an unruly female in another BDSM family (Click Here for More)

WIFE TRAINING (Any Age): (Click Here for More)

DIVORCEE TRAINING: (Any Age): (Click Here for More)

SINGLE WOMAN TRAINING: (Any Age): (Click Here for More)

There is little difference in Master Xoobs training between training as a sub and training as a slave, the training starts the same and continues further for slaves.

Finding your slave is almost more exhausting and troublesome than finding a wife, and there are fewer candidates around typically.  After all, you’re expecting a lot from her and she’s going to be treated badly and like a princess at the same time so there’s even less girls around like that……..  and she isn’t allowed to be clingy and dependent either, a sub must be self empowered (or have that capability – which you will help her bring out as her Master) and she’s got to look after her body for you and also at the same, she’s got to be totally submissive ….or brought to that state (….and ideally a little bratty too! …….Blimey! No wonder there are few cute subs about!!!)

She’s hopefully going to be a strong slave, who may or may not look on Craigslist or Fetlife for her next master. But the last obstacle you want to add to the already burdensome slave hunt is to rely upon really is Craigslist.


Step 1: Identity Stripping

All too often a master foolishly believes that all it takes to have a good slave is to flaunt their power and cruelty and the slave will fall in line. This is not the case, as the key to training an obedient and desirable slave must first begin with psychological training, not physical intimidation. Much like training a soldier in a boot camp, you must break down and strip them of their former identities by keeping them in a constantly humiliated and confused state. Once they have forgotten the person they were, then you can start molding them into the slave they should be.

Identity Stripping can be done in a number of ways, but the primary focus should be leaving your new slave humiliated, confused, and feeling lost.

  • Pick up on  even the tiniest mistake, or even accuse them of imaginary mistakes. 
  • forbid them to wear any form of clothing,
  • Put them up for public display / use where anyone can abuse for their own enjoyment.

It is very important you do not use any form of positive reinforcement during this stage, or you risk breaking the hard work you’ve put in.. Even if they perform their duties to your expectations, you should react negatively. They may even start to agree with you the next time you address them as a “worthless sack of meat”. 

Step 2: Identity Replacement

  • Now its time to instal their new identity. , that of being your property. 
  • Begin by training the slave to perform whatever jobs you intend for it to do in the future.
  • Start off with simple and easy tasks, and once it starts to feel more accustomed to servicing you, then you can start to move onto the more complicated stuff.
  • Start rewarding and congratulating your slave when they perform correctly in their duties. Once they learn that obedience results in positive results, they will often start to obey more often, hoping to make their lives more comfortable.

Remain dominant.

  • Your slave should always remember that they are, in fact, your slave, and when you give an order, they must follow or be punished.
  • If they ever start to believe that you respect their opinions, or if they have any sort of ability to persuade the course of their training, you could very well end up back at stage 1, where the slave must be broken down once again.
  • If your slave refuses to ride a dildo in front of you simply because they believe it is too big or embarrassing, you should force them to ride it either by shoving them onto it, or using some manner of machine. The next time they undergo this training, you should leave them bound and gagged, preferably with their legs up in the air, so they can’t pull themselves off the toy without your assistance.
  • Gagging a slave can be quite instrumental in rebuilding their minds.
  • Talking back gets punishment
  • Saying “I can’t” gets punishment,
  • Trying to call for help gets punishment, and so on.
  • Gags can be removed for the purpose of eating or having conversation.

Step 3: Playing with Others

  • If your slave begins to show that they have learned their place and follow your orders well, it is time to start introducing them to others. (Just like training a domesticated animal, a slave can become skittish and refuse to obey when it is around strangers).
  • If you ever have guests over that you would like to be able to use your slave as a gift, you should quickly get your slave accustomed to servicing people they have never met before. (The purpose of this training is also to ensure that your slave has not fallen under any pretensions that you have developed a romantic interest with them and to reinforce that all of that sexual training was purely for the sake of your entertainment.
  • They will come to realize that their body is only around to be used, not cared for.
  • The slave must not come to believe that its duty was only to serve master and that the two actually had a connection that extended beyond the pleasures of the flesh.
  • A slave in training can also benefit from being placed with other slaves during this stage.

Step 4:  Respect

  • The most ideal form of slave is one who not only listens to master, but comes to respect, as well as fear them.
  • The slave should feel helpless, inferior, and genuinely willing to serve whenever they are in your presence. (By the time this stage of training is completed, your slave will no longer want to escape).
  • At this stage you can start to provide your slave with ever greater rewards for their continued service and submission.
  • A properly trained slave will probably start to warn you if they detect a plot by any of the other slaves you might keep around.
  • The course of this training involves making your slave develop a sense of dependency on you for their food, safety, hygiene, and shelter. You should remind them often that they have nowhere else to go, or that they are too old to receive a public education anymore. 
  • A slave girl does not teach herself what to do and how to behave.
    Master must inform her since it is her nature to behave only in such a way that is pleasing to me. Anything less in unacceptable.
  • A female sex slave needs to have a clear set of rules presented to her that guides her, and that she obeys unconditionally. In order for her to learn these rules, she must be disciplined for failing to meet the rules. including saying “I am Master’s slave – to do with sexually as he likes and to service him and his friends as he wishes and I am worthless where I do not wish to do this.”
  • Training a sex slave also involves punishment. I do this whenever my slaves misbehave. Even a minor mistake must be dealt with in order to condition the slaves.
  • Self humiliation is extremley effective. Getting your slave to think, or say anything that is self degrading will have her feel profound pleasure. Her pleasure is in pleasing you.
  • Binding her limbs completely strips her of any false perception of control and forces her to recognize my complete power over her.
  • Verbal domination:  Any experienced Master will tell you that he can completely control his slaves simply by using his voice. My slaves always address me as Master. It helps the idea that they are my property sink in.
  • Giving my slave pain in proportion to her infringement gives her the realization that I have complete control over her. 

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