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Torture is one word you can use with nearly any BDSM couple and see someone begin to squirm, but when you employ torture scenes that could actually be played out in real life, well, that’s all the better for most of the participants. Top on this list are Medical torture scenes and these are one of the most common ways to subdue a slave and to give a Master ultimate power in a scene.

Many people fantasise about being indefensible and unable to help themselves.

– Strapped down on a table,
– At the mercy of an unknown masked antagonist
– Scary and Horrible instruments of Torture
– Restraints & Stirrups
It’s all there – lots of things actually used in medicine

For a Dom, its an unlimited scope to consensually torture your slave. You can even gag her as long as you have an alternative RED or SAFE indicator.

The scenes you can create are as limitless as the number of episodes of a medical drama and Medical scenes have a realism that other scenes with the exception of dungeon scenes do not.

Proper medical torture requires  some basic equipment.

– Actual chairs from a dentist’s office
– Stirrups from an OB/GYN office

but these can be improvised.

  • Medical tape is great for bondage as are bandages – want to be really mean, use adhesive bandages normally used to strap strains with the enhanced pleasure of the pain of removal
  • Needles if you’re interested in edge play (you must know how to safely use them first),
  • Humiliation Instruments such as rectal thermometers and enema equipment
  • Surgical Gowns and masks for the person doing the torturing.
  • Latex gloves (definitely)
  • Poppers to simulate anaesthesia – even real chloroform (as long as you only use it for the realism of the smell)
  • Tweezers – “Nurse, I though this area was being shaved – never mind I’ll remove the pubic hairs with tweezers, one at a time
  • Clamps on various body parts for test equipment
  • Speculums

Set the scene -Have a central area for the patient.

The doctor is sitting at the desk in a white coat.
“Hello – back for the checkup OK. Now we don’t think there’s anything to worry about but we just need to check the cervix. It’s not painful, we just use a speculum and a probe, so you won’t feel a thing – perhaps just a little coldness….if you could just strip behind the screen and get in the chair we’ll have you finished in a second”.
– An observant patient might notice a strategically positioned mirror allowing the doctor to see behind the screen.

The doctor goes through the door

The Patient sits in the chair.

The Doctor comes back a few minutes later in full green gown, headwear, mask and gloves – could be anyone really.

The doctor starts to carry out an examination. All very professional, lots of clubs, a slight penetration with a well -lubed speculum and he’s putting it back on the table.
‘All done, you can get up and re-dress”
As the patient does so, the Doctor says: “oh hold on, I need to check one other thing, just jump back into the chair for a second
The patient resumes the position in the chair.
The doctor examines a chart.
“Hmm …. as I thought, better to be safe”.
The Doctor picks up the speculum.
“Just need to put in one other probe. No worse than the other except that this may tickle or may cause you to involuntarily twitch your legs, I just need to tape your ankles to the stirrups so I don’t lose teeth. OK?”
The patient nods. The Doctor tapes her ankles to the stirrups.
“Comfortable?…. Good”
“Would you like a rubber bit to bite on – it helps resist any feeling of tickling.  I recommend it”
The Doctor inserts the bit into mouth says “bite” and tightens the strap around the patient’s head to keep it there.
“breathing OK?” smile- remember, this is a nice Doctor (at the moment).
“Good – OK- now I just need you to lift up your ribcage as it moves the organs into the right place.  The easiest way is just to put your hands together and pass them over your head.”
The doctor goes behind the chair, snaps on handcuffs and ties the hands in place. The Patient looks worried.
There is a rip of gaffer tape – the Doctor uses it to gag the patient. He then pinches the patient’s nose.
“Can’t breathe now can you? Well, better to breathe than to scream – If you want to breathe then don’t make a sound”
“It’ll hurt less if you breathe deeply….”

Strapping them down means they’re helplessness. The role play creates the theatre. The Doctor has ‘tricked’ them into getting into the chair where they’re restrained. You can enhance the picture by blindfolding the patient and and opening chloroform or antiseptic or something smelling vaguely hospital.
Now you can speak in medical terms, referring to her as a patient  – if you want to increase the scene, open the door and say “come in”.
She’ll have no idea because she’s blindfolded.

Medical torture scenes can be dramatic and long, poking and prodding the patient for hours until the tester is satisfied they have been tested or that they have been ‘cured’ of a disease or illness. And of course, going back for routine checkups is necessary for both partners.

If she’s into fisting then first a gloved lubed finger is inserted into a well-lubed vagina, then several more fingers follow, adding extra lube each time the hand moves in and out. Next the whole hand goes in, with thumb pressed against palm, fingers pointed forward. A clenched fist-shape should only be made once inserted.

Note: Water-based lubes like KY aren’t good for fisting as they dry too quickly. A quick spray of water makes it slippy again. Lubrifist and J-Lube are water-based and good for fisting. Fisters often use oil-based lube like Crisco, a traditional American cooking product. It’s vegetable-based cooking fat, like soft lard, Trex or White Flora. Note that oil-based lubes weaken condoms and latex gloves. You can use the larger dildos beforehand to learn stretching and relaxing enough to take a fist.

• Let the sub get totally relaxed (but not drugged or drunk as this increases the risk of injury and you won’t notice if things go wrong.

• Fisting, especially if too quick, can tear the vaginal lining. Nails are best trimmed, then filed (and jewellery taken off) to reduce risk of cuts.

  • You can never use too much lube and if the vagina clenches wait for it to relax before pulling out.
    Go slowly, and give them time to adjust -avoid sudden movements when inside her and always pull out slowly to avoid injury.


You can simulate a pessary using Ginger for the purposes of figging – however you should ensure that there is string through the Ginger so that you can be certain that there is an ability to remove the pessary. The Ginger oil will cause an intense burning sensation for about 20 minutes or more depending on the freshness and strength of the root
The ginger juices cause pain and extreme horniness. The patient can become twitchy, jumpy and very lively but don’t get it the eye as it stings like a bee – change gloves after handling it.

(Figging comes from Faegre – a victorian term where an unscrupulous horse dealers would insert a peeled ginger root into the anus of a slow or half dead horse causing it to become very lively and hold its tail better).

Ending the scene

A good end way to end the scene is the Green-clad doctor removes the blindfold and releases the arms and legs but tells the patient to keep her legs in the stirrups for 10 minutes “to avoid internal injuries” and leaves the room.

The doctor returns wearing the white coat and says ‘Right, terribly sorry – I forgot you were here – I thought you’d have gone home – but as you’re still here  shall we start the examination?”

So who was the green-clad doctor?

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