Concealed Ceiling Hooks

f you’re into hanging games then it can be difficult to have hooks on view from the ceiling. of course you can disguise these by handing chairs and hammocks if you’re simply hiding them in a cellar room or a large space

However if that is not practical, or you want them in your bedroom, then the answer is to disguise the hooks. The easiest way to do this is to provide them as sprinkler or CO2 or fire detectors. Simple steps are:
1. Cut the hole in the ceiling under a suitable beam, (You’ll need the beam for support.
2. Mount the supporting hook into the beam – this will need to be adequate to hold the weight of vigorous activity (and when calculating load, assume it may carry at times the weight of 2 people).
3. Mount the base of the sprinkler or CO2 or fire detectors.
I prefer to do this as a detailed mount because it allows for the area to remain sealed from the internal flooring void or attic space. There’s nothing more off-putting it the middle of a scene where you suddenly unscrew the disguise plate to hook your sub to the ceiling, to get a mouthful of miscellaneous dust and grit, or worse, mouse droppings or spiders dropping out. Making it a sealed area, is just common sense. (There are also mounts in Thingiverse that you can print (or get printed) on a 3D printer for just this purpose).
4. Affix the final cover.
5. In use, remove the final cover and clip in the relevant carabiner. (Again, use a carabiner from a climbing ship and make sure you’ve suitably calculated possible load). (If you need more than one mount, use a smoke detector and CO2 detector or smoke detector and sprinker).
(If you have these already in your house, get some laser-printable transfer paper and print “DECOMMISSIONED” transfers and put them in place, otherwise it is red-face time when it comes to servicing time! (Unless that is you fancy explaining it and getting a bit of naughty play with the maintenance man or woman in due course).