Spanish Horse (Dungeon Pony)

THE DUNGEON PONY is a derivation of the “Spanish Horse”  invented by the Spanish Inquisition, following on from the “Cradle of Judas”,  and was used in the medieval times to punish those guilty of heresy or witchcraft where it was used as torture to stretch a person on a tight rope (usually a metallic wire), so that the genitals rubbed until bloodied. As time continued, the device was modified and mutilated, acquiring new and more sophisticated parts in both technical and aesthetic ways but essentially continuing to remain the same, having the sharp corner of the triangle shape which serves as the original seat upon which the torture takes place. 

The construction is made up of metal or wood, often times both those materials. A naked victim is tied up and fixed onto the horse so that their feet can’t touch the ground. To enhance pain at this stage, torturers can pull the ankles in different direction, or tie on additional weights. If that was not enough to make one repent their sins, the victim’s soles were splashed with hot ashes or tickled with fire. The torture was usually accompanied by the rupturing of the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum or vulva) , and copious blood loss, often ending with a painful apex as the sacrum (a triangular bone in the lower back formed from fused vertebrae and situated between the two hip bones of the pelvis) breaks.

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There exists information about the trial of one woman named Maddalena Lazarus held in Bormio (Lombardy region of the Alps in northern Italy) in 1673 for 4 months. She was subjected to various forms of punishment, but did not own up to her guilt. In the end, the city council decided to sentence her to 15 hours of torture by goats ( a goat licking salt of your feet which was an excruciatingly painful form of punishment), followed by the repeated procedure in case of silence. Maddalena confessed after 12 hours but was also tortured for 5 hours on the pony in order to affirm a voluntary confession. .

During the Edo period in Japan, this torture was used in the struggle to spread Christianity and force apostates to renounce their faiths.

No sooner is she dragged towards the “Spanish Horse”, she curses aloud as the the rough executioners split her legs apart, tie her hands to the the head of the ‘horse’, and seat her on a wooden beam. Biting her lips in pain, the condemned woman tries to lean to the left and right in order to fall to the floor, however the upward facing angle limits such maneouvers. Her legs dangle in the air, and the very place they converge becomes a source of humiliating pain.

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Our dungeon versions are less painful, but much more fun and work on the basis that the submissive must not be able to get her feet on the floor or any other item to relieve the pressure on her pussy.

–  they can be set up so that the thigh can grip the side of the pony to relieve pressure.
– or so that your sub straddles the plank, feet on the floor, but just barely (Because the height of the base is adjustable so that sub can be standing just on the tiptoes so that the pussy pressure can be relieved.
This works on the basis that it is almost impossible to keep adequate pressure on the side of the pony with the thighs or to stand on tip-toes for long and therefore its a choice between pussy pain and thigh or toe pain.

more pony bondage

As you can see in the diagrams, the point of the wood is more rounded or protected by lead, and therefore, though still uncomfortable, will not lead to injury.

Alternatively  – being pony-pain, you can have constructions based on show-jumps where the central bar adds the pain.