Pussy Pumping

Pussy Pumping Cup

Pussy Pumping is so popular, not only for how sexy it looks after pumping as that “Camel Toe” protrudes through the crease of a tight pair of jeans, but how incredible those swollen lips feel!

It also increases labia and clitoral sensitivity and leaves that full, swollen sensation to heighten sex or masturbation.

To get started with pumping your pussy, be sure to get the right size for you! Use our handy instructions and chart for accurate sizing!  These pussy pumping cups are made of sturdy acrylic, easy to clean and designed for comfort and long life usage!

Don’t forget the pump! Or save money and get the whole kit!

For sizing: Measure the length from the area just above the clitoris (mons pubis) to just below the vaginal opening.
Then measure the width between the thighs where they meet at the crotch, with the legs opened as shown above .

Clitoris Pumping Cup
This is even more popular since women discovered the increased pleasure, thrills and overall arousal they experience from being vacuum pumped!

The blood engorges in the tissues, causing the clitoris to swell, obviously this increases sensitivity as well as enlarging and elongating the clit. The heightened libido enhances all of the sensations and feelings, adding to the excitement and anticipation… ultimately leading up to amazing orgasmic delights!

Combining clitoral pumping with labia (pussy) pumping is an absolutely mind blowing experience for women! …not to mention the long lasting fullness and increased size!