Violet Wands

What does a Violet Wand feel like?

A violet wand has variable settings from stimulating fizzing feelings like little bubbles popping on your skin all the way up to intense sensations, like licking a battery terminal (Don’t do it!) and including sensations that feel like cutting or burning.  You’ll all have felt the jolt of static electricity when you’ve touched metal after walking over a new nylon carpet but the want is adjustable so you can go from erotic tingles and fizzing sensations upwards.

How is a Violet Wand used?

Violet wands can be used for

  • flogging,
  • spanking and caning,
  • sensual massage
  • Electro-oral
  • medical scenes (electro-speculums),
  • electrified rope bondage,
  • simulated knifeplay
  • …..its all up to you

Are they wands safe?

Yes. They’re based on the Tens machine so unless you have a pacemaker, you’re fine. There are statistically fewer injuries that from standard vibrators, just keep they away from water. (You’ll see some players use a fine water spray to a Subs skin, but use with care!

Aren’t they expensive?

Some are cheap and some are more expensive. In fact, at the moment you get what you pay for although this is beginning to change as a new generation of cheaper full function wands are coming into the market, including ones settable by iphones and ipads. Although they seem expensive, they should be treated like any other serious toy – as an investment, in the same way that leather retrains, looked after will last a long time and give a lot of pleasure, so too will this wand and its one of the best current fetish toys on the market anywhere.

Buy the best you can as it will work properly and without hitches and won’t fail ….and it will be safe. Look for the best warranty period and someone you can contact. Ask a question via the warranty contact point to see it they actually handle complaints or ignore them …. and look for lifetime repair obligations (by which legally you can expect 5 to 10 years as the lifetime of this toy).

Wand or Kit?

No doubt about it. Kits are by far the best value as the accessories individually are expensive and can be hard to find.

  • Get the largest kit that you can, it’s an economy.
  • Kits are also regularly discounted.
  • Look to buy direct to avoid the retailer mark-up and you could save up to £150.
  • See if your local fetish club has a discount scheme
  • Contact the manufacturer and see if you can get coupon codes for discounts for your club.
  • Stay away from the homemade ‘tinsel’ toys and custom builds, they’ll be problematic at best and could kill at worst