Hen Night BDSM

This page has been removed

Due to a change in legislation, namely the introduction of the Domestic Abuse Act in the UK, we have taken legal advice and our advice is that much of the hen-night activities will be potentially caught by the legislation. We are actively monitoring this, but expect that despite everyone participating voluntarily in this harmless fun, the risk for the Doms is that the bill as drafted may result in a subsequent complaint leading to prosecution of the Doms….and although we’re confident that we would have successful defences, we are putting readers on notice that this service may not be available in 2021. The Domestic Abuse. For example, the new Act will make an offence of “unwanted slapping, choking or gagging during consensual sex”…..bloody nanny state. The concept of “anything more than “transient or trifling” injury” is now inevitable which means that a bruised bottom for a few days which may occur with any use of canes or whips and even with skilled hands …now becomes a prosecutable matter to which issues of consent will no longer apply.