BDSM Hen Weekend


Due to a change in legislation, namely the introduction of the Domestic Abuse Act in the UK, we have taken legal advice and our advice is that much of the hen-night activities will be potentially caught by the legislation. We are actively monitoring this, but expect that despite everyone participating voluntarily in this harmless fun, the risk for the Doms is that the bill as drafted may result in a subsequent complaint leading to prosecution of the Doms….and although we’re confident that we would have successful defences, we are putting readers on notice that this service may not be available in 2021. The Domestic Abuse. For example, the new Act will make an offence of “unwanted slapping, choking or gagging during consensual sex”…..bloody nanny state. The concept of “anything more than “transient or trifling” injury” is now inevitable which means that a bruised bottom for a few days which may occur with any use of canes or whips and even with skilled hands …now becomes a prosecutable matter to which issues of consent will no longer apply.
The “WeCantConsentToThis” campaign group is a group of people campaigning for a change in law in respect of violent rapists who have used the rough sex defence.  In fact, all of their attackers have been convicted under the existing laws, and it is clear that in the cases they highlight, the defeence of rough sex was not believed by the jury, hence the convictions. …..but many of the campaigners have a wider agenda of removing BDSM from normal sexual practice and therefore are actively campaigning to change the law to make all BDSM impractical.
The nature of BDSM means skilled practitioners who have carried on BDSM safely for decades are unlikely to come out into the public gaze to challenge the campaigning groups. 

If you’re looking for a spankingly good hen party, with a few risqué gags and some good clean adult fun then you can now surprise the bride-to-be and her hens with some mild BDSM lessons.

You’ve read the books, You’ve seen the film ………….now try it for yourself!

An experienced Master will ease you into the right atmosphere before teaching you how to practice mild BDSM. MASTER WILL STAY ROBED. (Master is 49 so do not expect a chippendale!).

A fun, light-hearted and comfortable atmosphere in which to explore with your friends! This hen party is great for girls that are close with each other and there are bound to be some giggles. From the warm up to arousal, taste and touch, safety words, restraint, punishment and reward, you’re going to feel confident in your training by the time you leave the party! Expect a chance to try blind folds, handcuffs, rope, a tie, floggers, paddles and crops as well as some of the portable bondage furniture.

An experienced friendly Master will lead you through a naughty education into the basics of BDSM – where you will be taught about many of the elements involved, including role play, spanking, restraints, humiliation and dungeons amongst many others! and you’ll have the change to try a spanking bench, stocks, St Andrews Cross, Spanish Pony, Impaler and more. You’ll learn about the power of the submissive and that it’s not inherently a stance of weakness because, just as we all submit to something: the law, our boss’s wishes, etc, the submissive chooses to submit and how it is that, in reality, the submissive stays in charge and the importance of knowing how and why she’s submitting and how she has the power to withdraw that consent.

PLEASE NOTE: IT IS NECESSARY FOR EVERY PLAYER TO HAVE GIVEN CONSENT TO THE THINGS HAPPENING TO THEM. In many cases, this is achieved by all of the hen party agreeing to be part of a pre-determined plan even if the actual players for each part of the plan are drawn at random. See law of consent

WE ALSO HAVE A STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL QUESTIONNAIRE WHICH HELPS MASTER GIVE EVERYONE THEIR FANTASY. This is a secret document which is only ever seen by Master Xoobs and really is penetrating about your deepest desires and fantasies.

The Kinky Role
• If you want to be ready for an abduction scene (that is, any play that does not take place in your own home!), planning is essential. The more planning and preparation goes into this, the smoother your scene will go.
• Many people have fantasies about doing abduction with a semi-sexual element or nudity or something more.

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