While you will learn all the various shades of BDSM the whole session is above all a great way to share some cheeky laughs with your fellow hens. If your inner goddess decides to take any of your new found skills to try at home is not for us to know.

Safety: Done properly we need to ensure safety so we need to know about anyone taking part in the scene having:
• Claustrophobia:
• History of Panic Attacks
• Heart Conditions
• Asthma and other breathing difficulties
• Allegies
• Any medication currently taken
• Pregnancy

Do you have example video or photos?
No. Because of the nature of the Hen Event, we don’t keep copies. The Bride has the only copy of any photos or video. We don’t usually provide video as it’s too costly to properly edit. We may use animated gifs which are photo-video of a few seconds. Those don’t show faces. Depending on the arrangements, the bride will have pixellated images obscuring faces or will have full detail photos. We also have temporary tattoos which can be used to hide identifiable tattoos for anonymity and deniability.

How Long is a “session”?

• This can be an abduction and a few hours play one evening, or abduction and an evening and next day’s play, all the way up to a Friday Night abduction and play all weekend, going home Sunday evening or Monday morning.
• Some weekends are arranged where the “victims” are subject to a few hours of humiliation and//or BDSM. Some weekends are full-on “last fling” BDSM events. We find the most successful long-term weekends are the Hareem weekends where all of the Hen Party are within the consent arrangements because everyone in in broadly the same boat and everyone has the same incentive to keep the secrets.

We’d like to run a hen night where the everyone thinks the bride is the BDSM target and having a last bondage and sex session but where the real target is the chief bridesmaid, because she’s all posh and proper, but we know she’s really a slut in private. We really don’t want the chief bridesmaid to know she’s the target. We’d like her and the bride to be kidnapped and then tied up and which point the bride is released and the chief bridesmaid molested and f**ked right royally in front of us all. Is this possible?

• In short, No. BDSM is about consent and the chief bridesmaid would not have consented to this. Now if you can work out a way where all the hen party agree to participate and give consent, then we can talk further – for example, each hen member choosing cards or having names drawn out of the hat – and we might be able to bias the hat if everyone consented “for example, it is agreed that any party to the hen night could have bias attached).
• Nothing would stop the chief bridesmaid stopping the fun though because each person has their own safe word to stop play which is always complied by, so as soon as she thinks it’s unfair, she might use the safe word, but if you’re right that she’s a slut, then she might not use the safe word.