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The Submissive School for Young Ladies is an outstanding school that continues to offer exceptionally high quality education in the arenas of BDSM and submission. It continues to strive for, and achieves, excellence in all that it does and in assisting its pupils to


The School’s aims are to enable students to:

  • learn in an orderly, disciplined atmosphere, with equality of opportunity, in order to achieve excellence in submission;
  • discover a love of submission and so develop lively, creative, enquiring minds about BDSM, consensual sexual submission and consensual sexual slavery and the understanding that at any time the submissive or slave if free to end the relationship;
  • be able to communicate effectively within the submissive relationship;
  • acquire and develop their body for submission
  • to develop body of knowledge and learning about BDSM with a particular focus on submissive behaviour;
  • a study of submissive literature;
  • to develop technological and emotional skills which will equip them for adult life in a rapidly changing BDSM world;
  • become effective submissives appreciating its relationship within a standard vanilla working life;
  • gain an understanding of, and a respect for, social, moral and spiritual values in BDSM;
  • develop an appreciation of, and respect for, the needs of Dominants and Masters; within the submissive relationship;
  • have opportunities to take part in activities which are outside vanilla norms within the safe, confidential and secure environment provided by the school.

Mission Statement

The mission of this school is to prepare resilient and responsible submissive young women , who are able to survive in a BDSM relationship as a submissive and to retain psychological stability both within the submissive relationship and in the event that the submissive relationship is ended unexpectedly, such as death of, or abandonment by, the Master/Dominant. We promote high aspiration, ambition and excellence and are unashamedly ambitious for the future submissive success of our students.

We aim to:

  • Enable students to cope emotionally, physically and spiritually with the pressures and demands of submissive life
  • Provide a broad, well-balanced and personalised curriculum about being submissive
  • Provide the highest quality education for able students about submission, to enable them to achieve excellence in public examinations

It is central to the philosophy of this school that our students will

  • Learn submission in an orderly, disciplined atmosphere following the Code Conduct;
  • Develop the capacity for creative submission and submissive independent thought;
  • Be able to communicate submissive ideas effectively;
  • Develop appropriate technological skills in relation to Dungeon furniture and sexual toys;
  • Understand the submissive relationship in the vanilla environment;
  • Become effective submissives as well as shining examples of submissive ladies who have developed sound judgement and maturity about BDSM submission; 
  • Understand and respect social, moral and spiritual values of submission in a multi-cultural BDSM society and take part in culturally non-vanilla submissive activities;
  • To provide an equal opportunity environment to allow physically disabled submissives to experience the benefits of submissive BDSM practice;
  • Become caring submissive individuals able to meet the needs of their Dominant(s) or Master(s)