3D Printed Sex toys – You’ve been warned

Whilst there are lots of interesting restraint hooks and ice padlocks available on the internet for printing, and in fact ice padlocks have the advantage of dripping ice cold water on the sub when she’s tied up if the paddlocks are positioned above her body, we do NOT recommend butt plugs, dildos and anal hooks for a number of reasons …in fact we don’t recommend anything that is 3D printed to be inside the body because:

a. 3D printing is not a solid print but a series of overlapping micro-plastic strips. Therefore your toy is not sealed and cannot be properly cleaned, contaminants will build up inside and become a major source of infection very quickly, unlike commercially bought silicon, latex or rubber toys. So just SAY NO TO 3D PRINTED DILDOS, BUTT PLUGS, ANAL HOOKS AND OTHER BODY INSERTIONS.

b. We are aware that 3D printing produces lots of micro-plastic shedding when in use and this can be bad for health and in some people cause toxic reactions.

c. 3D Printing is layers of thermally melted plastic which only loosely bond to each other. Orgasms and body spasms are very very strong and can occur repeatedly during a session. Each orgasm and body spasm strains the plastic bonding and we have received a number of reports of 3D sex toys breaking off or snapping when in use.
– Firstly, this is incredibly dangerous as very sharp edges are created that can easily tear sensitive internal skin or blood vessels and cause major injuries;
– Secondly, you can lose part of the sex toy internally resulting (if you notice that this has occurred) in a very embarrassing visit to hospital and (if you don’t notice) internal damage and injury which can result in permanent disability, major infection or even death.