Forced Box

The forced stand box is a device designed to immobilise the submissive in a position where she cannot easily change her position. It is almost impossible to kneel and similarly very difficult to bend the elbow. Yes, she can see what you’re doing, and who you are, but there’s not a lot she can do about it.

Forced Boxes and Forced Stocks are more usually used to prevent the submissive from seeing who and what is done to her. This is a system where the submissive can’t move and where she can’t see the lower half of her body, thus having to place herself entirely in the hands her Dom (and in many cases his friends). The above is a sensory deprivation box designed to limit sight, smell, taste and sound and force the submissive to concentrate solely on her body and touch. She also cannot see who is playing with her.



4 Sensory Box forced sex box where arms are also restrained


Non-Sensory deprivation box ties the submissive to a spanking bench amended to restrain the head and force the submissive to face downwards only (where vision is similarly restricted).
A derivation of this uses an angled mirror immediately below the head so that the submissive can see her own pussy and that she is being violated, but cannot see who is violating her, but does not use sensory deprivation.

In some cases, there are variations which do not rely upon sensory deprivation and simply restrain the submissive so that she can be used, but can’t see who is using her.