Hidden Furniture

One of the biggest challenges unless you have a spare garage or garden large enough to host a log cabin or a secret room in the house ….is how do you host the lifestyle without everyone knowing, alternatively how do you do so if you have kids in the house and can only play when they’re having sleepovers?

Well, you can do this by a number of simply disguised bdsm furniture.


The easiest is the IKEA spanking tool or the IKEA Spanish Pony.

There is also another easy spanking bench / restraint bench that doubles as a coat rack which can be mounted in the hall of the house, albeit slightly embarassing if you’re playing and the postman calls! 

There are all sorts of ideas here!

The arm rail is adjustable and has coat hooks permanently mounted on it. It is mounted into a lower place BDSM (alternatively a separate arm rail can be mounted). The seat folds up when not in use (and the drop-down rear headrest is optional but requires the removal from the wall so we don’t recommend this). 
The advantage of not using a rear headrest, is that the entire fixture can be wall mounted and this adds to rigidity.  The body bench can then hinge all the way up to the top rail bar (shown left) with the foot area folded back on itself.

Hidden Hanging Hooks

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