The Impaler

This is one of the more unpleasant pieces of furniture in the dungeon even though when it is not in use it looks relatively harmless; however when deployed this device is pure torture.

There are two variants of the device. The first device is the lesser evil of the devices becauseIt is attached to the submissive ankles. Because it is attached to the ankles it provides a means of relief of the pain by shifting away between the legs and it is also very difficult to get a truly tight fit because of the amount of play between the ankle and the device. The device is strapped to each of the submissive’s ankles, causing them to adopt spreadeagled stance and making it more difficult to relieve the pressure by standing on their toes, ….And then the central arm is raised to an uncomfortable position.

This device is also relatively easy to make by converting a camera tripod and has the advantage that it is much more stable.

Without a doubt the more diabolical Version of this device is the wooden impaler.  This is a device that the submissive must actually stand upon and which she can be firmly strapped to thus restricting her movement in a much more effective way because the device does not move with her leg movements. Again the central dildo is raised to anpoint that is only comfortable with the submissive is standing on her toes.

A very easy device to make in fact although make a fabulous one if your carpentry skills are poor. There are even ones with vibrators built-in and you will notice the various hooks and fastening points that prevent the submissive from being able to relieve the pressure unless she stands on her toes.

My personal favourite was the creation of a variant of this with an electro-stim dildo because by wiring this correctly and putting heel pads on the board, The second was submissive raises her heels to ease the pressure, she sets off the e-stim device causing waves of pleasure and immediately making her ability to stand on her toes more difficult.

You can of course go the whole hog if you have unlimited money and buy a beautiful stainless steel version