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Although known widely as Stocks, most “stocks” are actually Pillories as stocks consist of placing boards around the ankles and wrists which bind and hold these immobilised. Most historic references to stocks appear actually be to Pillories. 

In the pillory the boards are fixed to a pole and raised off the ground with the boards placed around the arms and neck, forcing the punished person to stand. Freedom of movement of the lower torso also meant that damage to back muscles was avoided. (After all, it was a mild punishment, not designed (prior to BDSM) to hurt but to humiliate.

Pillories come in all shapes and sizes but the characteristics are that:
1. the victim must stand  &
2. head and wrists are restrained

In many cases for BDSM, legs are also restrained, although this wasn’t the case in medieval times and later times.


Some consider the pillory an example of torture and victims may be insulted, kicked, tickled, spat on, or subjected to other inhumane acts in pillories, although as it was public and victims were clothed and usually filthy from being pilloried with rotten food and hose-dung, sexual molestation was uncommon and would have been considered a very serious crime.

Public punishment in the “stocks” was a common occurrence from around 1500 until at least 1748, and the pillory were especially popular among the Puritans, who frequently employed these for punishing the “lower class”; however although widely used in BDSM today for sexual humiliation, there is no evidence that this occurred in earlier times.

In modern BDSM, Pillories are height adjustable and it is not uncommon to restrain feet or legs, although my personal preference is that legs are not restrained but that the submissive is told that she can’t move them. This allows punishment if she raises her legs in complaint about being spanked or stamps them in tantrum, because after all, what’s not to like about spanking her for disobedience. It also allows her to slightly adjust weight to relieve any back paid.

Although medieval stocks kept the person largely upright, the BDSM Pillory bends the submissive ideally at the waist, because that brings the pussy and arse into much easier positions to play.
For example, Which of the 3 positions is easier to play with pussy? 


There were also Finger pillories often went by the name of “finger stocks”.

Public stocks were typically positioned in the most public place available, as public humiliation was a critical aspect of such punishment. Typically, a person condemned to the stocks was subjected to a variety of abuses, ranging from having refuse thrown at them, tickling to paddling, whipping of the unprotected feet (bastinado).

A modern forced-sex pillory where the “victim” is unable to see who is  taking advantage of her.  Other variants include pillories where the victims head is enclosed in a box (Sensory Deprivation Boxes).  (For more on this, see “Forced Boxes”).


In other variants, the submissive is restrained by collar in a position where the submissive must stand with her knees bent  because her neck and hands are restrained, and where the submissive is unable to straighten her legs.

In this above picture, I prefer the rope to come over her head as shown, via a pulley just in front of her hands, and back to her knees. In this way, straightening her knees to relieve the suffering or kneeling down causes a pulling on the rope which is directly translated to pain because the arse hook is pulled tighter. If sub kneels, it pulls less than straightening her legs, but the penalty is that she still gets pain from the arse hook, but also paid from ankle restraints and …..of course, she is kneeling on uncooked rice. (snigger!)

A variation of the reverse stock, causing sub to fully expose herself (although it is very difficult to do much to the sub in this position as the reverse stock gets in the way.

The reversed pillory is useful for exposing her too, but sex is not recommended due to the risk of severe back damage, unless you pick her legs off the floor (care of putting her down too). In a reverse pillory, the headboard must freely swivel to avoid broken necks.

Another variant I like is designed around the park bench. If your park, like mine, is not often occupied at night, except by the occasional dog-walker or youth on their way home, this can make her feel really vulnerable. (Personally, I keep this for the occasion when she has been really badly behaved and is taken for a walk to be talked to and I spring park-benching on her as a surprise punishment). On one occasion she was really mouthy and although the bench I use is not overlooked by passers by, being in a seldom used alcove, on that occasion she’d been really mouthy (and as I had a pocket full of condoms)  and there were three passing youths, I called them over and said that she needed to be punished (and tha tthey had to use condoms). She is no longer “mouthy” if we’re in the park.

The bench, being off the beaten track, is usually only found by dogs – and yes- he is also often cleaned by passing dogs with wayward tongues! (Personally I wonder why the dogs return to their owners when the owners start calling them…if I were a dog I’d stay longer, but then more people would know about the hidden alcove!

 Today many BDSM beds have “stocks” inserts or built-ins allowing them to be used from on he bed as stocks or from outside the bed as pillories.