Spanish Horse (a.k.a. Dungeon Pony)

The Spanish Horse is a derivation of the Spanish Torture device used in the medieval ages. 

I simply have to start with the Spanish Pony! The Spanish pony is one of my favourite tools. It is simple, yet diabolical and really makes a sub obedient to the Master. The most simple of dungeon furnitures it tames even the most bratty of submissives, especially where the upper part of the body is restrained.

You can see from the gallery that there are very portable versions to fully scoped dungeon-mounted versions and that you can be even more monstrous to your sub by building is a raked upper bar or by adding a metal strip allowing you to give your submissive electric shocks. (My dungeon version has a switch mounted to the footplate, so that as soon as my dearly beloved sub steps on the plate to take the weight off her aching pussy, she connects the circuit this giving her a shock through both her feet and her thighs, which repeats every 15 seconds. ……and if she thinks she’s sitting comfortably, I’ll come along with the magic wand and inject a little shock down the metal edge and through her pussy. (Plus the metal bar is usually very cold, which is an additional punishment).
For an added bit of torture, you can add a long dildo which makes it painful not to stand on tiptoes – of if you’re feeling really evil, a earthed dildo which allows you to s-shock her only from inside her pussy.
SAFETY – Never leave her on the pony for more than an hour.
SAFETY – Never leave her alone on the pony

Spanish Horse Video 1: This video is a good start, but the submissive is able to lean back and therefore able to relieve the pressure on her pussy, she is also able to lean sideways to do the same and to raise her legs enough to lift her body using thigh power.
In any event, her attempts to relieve the pain by gripping the beam and raising herself with thigh muscles is a sysphean task and she will ultimately tire.
If she misbehaves, she can have the legs weighted.
To stop her leaning backwards to relieve pressure on pussy, use nipple clamps, but tie them to the front of the beam, then when she leans back, they pull painfully tight. (Catch 22 – nipple pain or pussy pain!)
Personally I would also have a metal plate on the top of the beam linked to a pressure switch. if too much pressure is put on the nipple line (attached to the nipple clamps) the metal plate gets and electric shock – and if the sub puts down her feet to try to relieve pressure, then she activates a pressure plate electrocuting the metal plate too!
Safety: Because she has a neck collar, leaning sideways risks her falling and strangling herself. (This is why I prefer shoulder harnesses or shibari tied rope to hold sub in place, rather than neck collars).  So never leave her unattended, even for a second. (This is why I prefer shoulder harnesses to hold sub in place with a Her legs should be weighted and restrained to prevent this).
I have noted that some subs who ride horses regularly and well, can easily use thigh muscles to lift the weight offtheir pussys, in whcih case sub might take many hours to tire so, if this is the case with your sub, tie her legs out sideways.|

Spanish Horse Video 2; This is a better design and is technically called the Spanish Cavaletti as it is a much thinner piece, but has electric bars on the sides and top so that e-stim and e-shock play can occur.
Unfortunately, the Cavaletti is not high enough, because the submissive should either have her feet off the ground or should have to balance by standing on the very tips of her toes. 




Spanish Horse Video 3: A much better attempt with a thinner main beam and with weights on her feet thus pulling this cute sub’s pussy hard down onto the thin beam.
An interesting video where the sub is tied initially just with suspending rope, including rope so that most of her weight is taken on the pussy. Viewers will note that Master is pulling on the rope to increase weight on her pussy if she touches the floor to release the pressure on pussy. Clearly enjoying the pain, even if also finding it uncomfortable, this is the correct usage. This utilises the principle that sub can relieve the weight on her pussy, by standing on the tips of her toes (and only the tips of her toes, because most subs can’t stand like that for long. 
(To add a little more fun, use a pressure plate so that if sub decides to relieve the pressure on her pussy by taking the weight on her toes, she activates the touch-plate and a mechanised pulley tightens to lift her off the ground, thus returning the weight to her pussy. (I would probably put in a 5 second delay and buzzer, so she knows what is coming (the anticipation enhances the experience).  I would also ensure that there was either
(i) a copper wire in the rope going between those lovely pussy lips so that when the pulley is activated, there is also a mild electric shock administered through the wire, (alternatively via electrodes taped to the top of the inner thigh).
(ii) a pulsed electric shock delivered through the plate on activation so she has to choose between either electric shock to the feet or keeping the weight on pussy (the catch-22 choice!)
Electro-safety tip: If using pussy/thigh e-shock, link it to something like a violet want to ensure appropriate voltage and  chain the sub’s weights to her ankle restraints and ensure that there is a light chain also dangling to the floor – this will ensure that the electric shock travels from pussy/thigh to feet and doesn’t do anywhere near her heart. (Also as usual don’t use electro-sex with a sub who has a heart condition etc – see my “Electro-safety” pages).
General safety tip: Never ever under any reason leave the sub unattended, even to answer a phone or a delivery courier as  it only takes seconds for sub to get into trouble either by falling partially off the beam or by sliding and strangling herself. (There can also be e-stim problems).  Just don’t answer the phone or the door, until she’s untied – or have a mechanism where the beam (or sub) can be lowered so she can stand on her feet normally, if you really have to answer the door. (Of course, if you’re doing “timed funishment”, then you will have to start the timing from the start again …and if she complains, then you can justifiably add more time just because she complained!).
General Safety tip: Be wary of using rope on overweight subs because the weight of the sub is taken by the rope and in the case of overweight subs, you can easily get crushed damaged tissue.

Spanish Horse Video 4: A very well behaved sub


This is a piece of furniture that works on the same basis as the pillory base, called the “Wooden Pony” it has its origin in the medieval catholic torture chambers and later used in the colonial period in America. This was known as “riding the rail,” but then the piece of wood used was sharp at the point where the crotch was “resting.” The victim was often carried through town, after possibly having been tarred and feathered.

Our dungeon versions are less painful, but much more fun and work on the basis that the submissive must not be able to get her feet on the floor or any other item to relieve the pressure on her pussy.

– Alternatively they can be set up so that the thigh can grip the side of the pony to relieve pressure.
– Another way is that your sub straddles the plank, feet on the floor, but just barely (Because the height of the base is adjustable so that sub can be standing just on the tiptoes so that the pussy pressure can be relieved.

This works on the basis that it is almost impossible to keep adequate pressure on the side of the pony with the thighs or to stand on tip-toes for long and therefore its a choice between pussy paid and hthigh or toe pain.

As you can see in the diagrams, the point of the wood is more rounded or protected by lead, and therefore, though still uncomfortable, will not lead to injury.

The Spanish Cavaletti
Alternatively  – being pony-pain, you can have constructions based on show-jumps where the central bar adds the pain. And if you can’t build one, then simply head over to, or your local equestrian supplier and buy a ready-made one (although if you buy an equestrian one, you will need to adjust the cup mounts so taht the plank cannot fall off as this could be really dangerous!

Click here for the Spanish Cavaletti

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