The Spanish Cavaletti is based on a the standard “planks” showjump and is designed to make the sub take her weight on the pussy or to stand on the tips of her toes, something not easy to do for long. The Sub’s ankles are tied to the lower bar so taht she cannot relieve matters by standing on the lower bar or move sideways on the plank.

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If you wish, you can tie her legs up, but remember that this stops any relief so she must not be  left alone, and it is better if her ability to lean backwards if limited.

However, if you don’t have room for frames, you can use chains via ceiling hoops.

Our IKEA workbench is adjusted to create something halfway between the Spanish Horse and the Spanish Cavaletti


But you can actually make one via a plank of wood or thin metal bar supported by chairs on both sides.

It can also be used in the kneeling position

Yes, you can use metal bars or better still an oval bar so she sits on the thinner edge …..and metal bars have the advantage of conducting electricity of you have a violet wand.