Spanish Rope

If your sub is a pain-slut and loves sexual pain then this derivation of the Spanish Horse and Spanish Cavaletti  is one of the most simple items to create and will cause her most fun (except when she’s using it) and one she will repeated ask to use (until she’s on it, when she’ll beg to stop (and berate you if you allow her to!)).

It consists of a rope tied between two higher points and the submissive is required to move along the rope and if she stops, she gets caned.

It is important to ensure that the rope is not frayed because you don’t want rope fibres breaking and sticking in her pussy lips, this would be painful and unhealthy.

I normally prefer to use polypropylene ropes as they can more easily be sterilised than rattan ropes. The ripe is knotted at frequent intervals and the rope should pull upwards at all times, forcing itself into the sub’s pussy and with the knots being particularly difficult to negotiate for her.
(Quick Note: Silk rope is usually better for tying her up, but is too soft for most uses as the Spanish Rope)

Expect the ripe to get VERY WET.