Spanking Bench

Baby girl bouncing on the bed and broken it? When you’ve finished spanking her don’t throw out the bed slats, you can use them to make this! (The padding is stuck on via Velcro (hook and loop) and can be removed- when it just looks and functions like steps……..

and if you don’t want the “hanging loops” on show, then (i) carve out 7mm squares to exactly fit the “hanging loops” so that when in place, they’re recessed by 4 or 5mm. Then drill out holes and insert some very strong circular supermagnets. To remove the hanging loops, you will need to pull very hard at 90 degrees to the bench, something that a secured sub simply wont have the strength to do. (You need to recess the loop brackets otherwise these will move sideways – and it is much easier to slide off a supermagnet than pull it off – once recessed it can’t slide).