Spanking Rack

Disguised as a simple entrance hall coat stand.

Another thanks to IKEA who came up with this great and simple idea for a disguised spanking rack.
It’s a little unstable though, so always consider mounting it to the wall or ….. in my case, the left side pole is mounted to the wall using mounts under the seat and behind the upper board so that it can be swivelled through 90 degrees. This has the advantage that it becomes usable as kneeling spanking rack too where the sub’s head can be put through the bars and restrained using her collar and some twine.
(In fact we’ve used it as forced sex rack where the sub is tied to it, head through the rack, with a particleboard hood (or blindfold) so she can’t see who is playing with her).
As the seat and lower shor rack can be removed, she can be restrained standing as well. (We swapped the coat hooks for 8 black rings (the sort found at equestrian shops to tie horses to…as they’re better for restraint, and no-one notices as when not in kink use, the rings have hangers on them.

We re-engineered to cushion into three cushions mounted on velcro (which match our decor) and when in kink use has only two cushions and restraint mounts so the sub cans still kneel on cushions (unless she’s been bratty when she kneels on the hard base) but can’t close her legs.

We’ve entirely replaced the show rack with a wooden structure with velcro mounted rubber top, which catches dirt in normal use but also when removed the wooden base is in two parts, hinged at one end and clipped with a hasp catch at the other end, which has holes cut in it, to retrain a sub’s ankles so she can’t move.