Tools and fasteners

There are millions of potentially useful fastening and tools out there in the open….you just need imagination and in many cases to knnow what they are…so on this page we’ve listed a few of them.

RS Supplies
Swivel Lobster Clasp sprung loaded
Travel Dark Gray Threaded Spring Loaded Metal Carabiner ...
Spring Loaded Metal Door Toggle Latch Catch Clamp
Canopy Lock Latch (2pc) in Hobbyking
Canopy Latch Locks
Suitcase Case Chest Box Spring Loaded Toggle Latch Catch ...
Suitcase or Trunk Latches
Bolt Snap, Double Ended - Long 115mm
Double Ended Bolt Snap Spring Loaded Clip 

REMEMBER Tie Pins, Clothes Pegs (Pins), Spring loaded hair clips all make great nipple clamps

7 inch Marine / Boat Seat Swivel Coated Mount Base Chair ...
Marine Boat Chair Swivels (Make sure of your loading always use very HD ones)
Great for floor or wall Catherine-Wheel restraints

And….GGrrrreat for wall and floor catherine wheels are: