Brat Training – FAQ

Q: My “Brat” is to put it bluntly very rude and unpleasant and is only interested in herself and does her best to push my buttons and has no respect for anyone except herself. Are you able to help?
A: Yes, this is not unusual and I have carried out a number of “corrective sessions” on similar brats very successfully. As long as she’s over 16 years old and is willing to be corrected then a series of corrective sessions is usually available. 

Q: Do you have a body size limit. 
A: Yes, we don’t take brats who have a clothes size over size 10.

Q: She’s good looking and this is a problem, she wears too much makeup and dresses inappropriately but thinks her looks give her an entitlement to act how she wants. Is this normal and can you do something about it?
A: Regrettably this is bratty behaviour and yes, there’s nothing new there and in the cases we’ve done, we’ve “re-educated successfully.

Q: What is involved?
A: She’s delivered to us.You bring her to our premises and before you ring the bell, she’s blindfolded. This is essential for the disorientation. She’s told about the use of “Red” as a safety word and the “end session” key word and she signs the “re-training” contract which includes the consent. 

Q: What is an “end session” key word?
A: There is usually an incentive to the re-training and re-training works best where this is in place. For example, driving lessons or a new bed or a redecorated room or new outfits. The incentive is conditional upon the change in behaviour and proper attendance at the re-training clinic until both you and I agree she’s retrained. There is an “end session” word which allows the brat to end all training but the result is that the incentive is not given. (This is why the incentive should be based on completion of re-training and not early participation). 

Q: Will it be only one session?
A: That depends on the length of the session as well as brat’s progress, but not usually. Often it takes more than one session and also requires a recap session periodically, either once a month or bi-monthly etc to stop her falling into bad habits. (Sometimes we have conducted the recap sessions in the house where she lives over a weekend with you present, othertimes she’s delivered to us again).

Q: Does it involve Sex?
A: Yes, it’s a BDSM based re-training as you’d expect from a BDSM Master and therefore there is a combination of lots and lots of punishment as well as sex, however we tend to use much more punishment than sex, particularly is we’re dealing with a slutty brat.

Q: Is it like a short term boarding school?
A: Yes – we can discuss how long she “boards”.

Q: Where does she sleep?
A: This depends on progress. Part of our skillset is re-training the brat about behavioural award and behavioural punishment. When delivered she is stripped of all rewards, mobile phone, tv, music, bed, clothes etc and she must earn the right to each of these by good behaviour, even the right to good food. (Water and basic (deliberately unpalatable) food is always available). Gradually she earns the right to eat at a table, rather than out of a dog’s bowl on the floor and to sleep in a dog’s bed with blanket rather then the floor, progressing to a mattress, then mattress with sheets and then a bed etc. 

Q: Should she be on contraception?
A: This is very advisable, but not strictly essential. 

Q: What will happen?
A: Our processes are necessarily secret because if the brat finds out what I will do she can prepare for it. Re-training depends on certain unpredictabilities and certain predictabilities. If your problem is she dresses slutty, then she’ll be treated like a slut until she realises that this is not a good idea. If she’s foul mouthed, she’ll be caned and her mouth regularly washed out with soap. Is she has attitude, she’ll be humiliated. etc

Q: Will she be taken out?

A: Usually yes, if she earns it or to make a point if she’s not responding. She will always have Master present as a minder and bodyguard. If she’s clinging to “slutty” we have places we will take her to where she’ll find out what people really think of ‘slutty’ and she’ll end up humiliated and embarrassed, so that she’ll think again about that attitude. 

Q: What will she need?
Two toothbrushes, she can pack the clothes she wants to wear and likes to wear and you can pack clothes that she should wear and elegant ones. 

Q: What do you need?
A:Photographs of her, particularly ones featuring what you’re complaining about and also details of why she needs retraining – examples of her behaviour. 

Q: Do you take under 18s?
A: Yes, but not under 16s and only rarely do we take in the 16-17yr age group. (No nude photos to be sent if under 18). 

Q: Do you need ID?
A: Preferred but not essential in advance but we need to see it on the day to verify consent signatures and age.

Q: How violent does it get?
A: Nothing illegal and no bones broken etc. Possibly a sore head from hair pulling and sore arse and pussy, caning leaves temporary marks.

Q: Can we talk through the various days?
A: No. You can request that certain things don’t happen, but the exact structure of retraining depends on how she responds and behaves and is a dynamic thing. Asking can we talk though the retraining is like trying to predict a night out…..if its too rigid it doesn’t work. 

Q: Can we fit this around her job?
A: Yes, but she isn’t allowed to talk about retraining.

Q: What happens on the first day?
A: If she’s truly bratty she’ll fight and her true bratty side comes out and results in appropriate punishments etc. Sometimes we get the angelic – “it’s all their fault” attitude, but I’m  wise to this and it is a very difficult act to keep up for long! In that first day the brat will out itself! The first 4 hours of Day I includes inspection and interview and general introduction to what she can expect in punishments etc. The interview is a psychologically sound interview to determine underlying behavioural causes. 

Q: What are severe punishments?
A: This depends on the brat and the level of BDSM selected, but can include pure punishments or punishments and sexual things such as gangbangs, trips to a pub where I select a person she has to bring back, forced lesbianism, pee drinking, or simply things like cooking, cleaning etc where a refusal can mean sleeping with the garbage etc. An untidy room gets much worse to sleep in when the recycling is put in there too! I also use sleep deprivation as a tool with impressive results as well as fear-based inductions. 
Again, I don’t publish what we do because it is counterproductive to the retraining. I have been breaking and retraining brats for 20 years and my recommendations are usually word of mouth for a good reason.