Dress Code

Generally: Sir decides the appropriate dress code. ………which is invariably dresses and skirts – this is because a slave should always be ready to give access to the Master.

When on its own with it’s Master, the submissive will usually be required to be naked except that stockings and heels are permitted. She will also be allowed an apron to cook. Much of the time she will be blindfolded.

Knickers: Usually banned. Most Masters will permit knickers at important functions, but mostly ban these at all other times, even with short skirts (except when Sub is having a period when they’re automatically permitted). Some masters have a black and red collar and sub wears the red collar whilst having a period and may wear knickers whilst having a period.

Leggings: Permitted underneath a dress or skirt in cold weather, ………unless otherwise instructed. In very cold periods, Master may allow leggings and possible even clothees in the house, as long as the leggings have the crotch area removed. (Alternatively crotchless tights are permitted)

Stockings: Preferred with suspenders but hold-ups are permitted. Alternatively Crotchless tights. 

Footwear:  With the exception of circumstances when heeled footwear is completely inappropriate for what sub is doing that day, Heels or Boots (Ankle, Knee or Thigh)

Trousers: Abseolutely Forbidden unless expressly permitted. These will simply be cut off by Master if you are wearing them and regardless of how much they cost. This is because a sub’s vagina and arse must ALWAYS be available to Master without any coverings. Expect trousers or leggings to be cut off you and to engender the most severe punishment. (If you HAVE to turn up in trousers, make sure they’re old because they’ll get cut off and also make sure you have a spare skirt unless you want to go home or go out naked).
Similarly your knickers need to be removed before you enter or they’ll be cut off too! They’ll also probably be stuffed into your mouth in addition to other punishments.
Expect the same treatment even if you live with Master, even temporarily.
Typical punishments:

  • Make the sub cross the road and back completely naked once Master’s cut off the sub’s trousers.
  • Stand sub *outside* the front door and cut off the trousers in public.

Master may make you wear light trousers on occasion, such as a walk in the Park where you’re required to drink lots of water. (Very humiliating when you have to have to pee in your trousers and then walk home.).

Shorts – must be VERY short and must also be baggy enough that Sir can get hands easily inside and only by agreement. Master may require shorts to be cut down the centre seam so that the sub’s vagina and anus can be accessed if required.

Other Items: Dress code will also include things like shaving the genital area (a personal preference – although a Brazilian is permitted), maintaining a certain hairstyle, wearing or not wearing makeup, requirements for high heeled shoes, Wearing insertables, presenting in private or semi-private completely nude (for example, serving drinks for non-vanilla dinner parties nude, – but cooking should permit aprons on safety grounds), when to wear the collar, and usually a full allowance is made for jewellery.

(Certain masters allow only certain colors of clothing, often restricting to black and white and red and will also make rules for accessiblity in clothing.

Latex is also subject to particular rules – and the best latex outfits have a gusset zip (another reason for having a brazilian).

Islamic Dress code: As you are a submissive of the Master, this comes off immediately and such treatment is permitted under the Quran.

Nude means “without clothing” – remove your clothing but leave jewellery and makeup.
Semi-Nude means remove your clothing but not stockings, shoes, (always ask about the bra) and leave jewellery and makeup on.
Naked means “as you were born” – without clothing, jewelry but always in the collar.

Expect to spend long periods blindfolded at first.


Dress codes will be developed for slutty, conservative, stylish, causual by Sir over time and

Conservative (short): A very short black skirt, sexy black RHT stockings, with the tops only just covered by the skirt, but not by much (an inch or two below max), my black 6 strap suspender belt (unless holdups), a black fitted blouse that is tight around the breasts, revealing a little breast and cleavage between the buttons, and a pair of my 5 inch black heels.

Long Dresses: Permitted but unless you have a model figure, don’t wear clingy dresses. The 1950 style fuller dress flows beautifully and will enhance your figure.


Munches are typically held in a public, vanilla setting and are designed for new/potential club members to meet people who are already members or who are leaders in said group.  Since a munch is often held in a casual restaurant or similar setting, your casual clothes should be fine.  A lot of people stop in at a munch on their way home from work; because of this, you may see people in business casual clothes, jeans with a collared, logo shirt, or even scrubs.  At a munch, there is a chance you are going to be nervous so having comfy clothing is a huge plus.  And, there are probably going to be people at the munch who are active in their clubs and remember what it was like to attend their first party.  I highly doubt that anyone is going to mind if you ask them what the club/dungeon dress code is

For a club or dungeon demo and or party:

Most parties are “pimped” on FetLife in the events area.  In the event description, there is a section (fourth one down) called “dress code.”  When I create an event, I add to this section.  Now, I typically indicate that the dress code is “fetish wear” or “theme appropriate” or “costumes welcome.”   Since the last is the easiest, I will address it first.  ”Costumes welcome” is pretty self-explanatory as is the term “theme appropriate.”  You will likely find inspiration in the title of the event; for example, if the title is “Back to School Party” then a school girl/guy outfit, goth kid, sexy teacher outfit would work.  For these two cases, reading the event details will greatly help you understand what wardrobe you need.  Theme parties are some of the most fun and surprisingly simple outfits to put together.

On the other hand, the term “fetish wear” is really open to interpretation.  It could include anything from a corset and skirt/pants to a body hugging outfit made from latex or PVC.   I have seen everything from corsets paired with tutus to naked chests with suspenders and dress pants.  Please note however that some clubs have strict rules about exposing “pink parts” in either all of the club or in certain areas so you may want to make exposing yourself an alternate choice until you learn what the club does and does not allow.  Black is always a good choice.  A nice black dress shirt paired with black pants or a black skirt looks pretty sharp.  Also, the funny T-shirts with kinky sayings seem to be a popular choice.  Finally, lifestyle club T-shirts and lifestyle event T-shirts etc are a safe choice.

For a con-type/conference event:

Con-type events will typically mirror club or dungeon event dress codes-with a lot more flair and a lot more wardrobe to pack.  A lot of cons have a lot of dress-up opportunities for those who want to take them.   note-examples of these cons in my area are:  Frolicon and DragonCon.

However, there are some conferences that are primarily educational and more lecture/talk driven.  These events are probably going to have a dress code similar to that of a munch.   I recently attended my first conference event and it had the munch type dress code-it was LLC XVI (Leather Leadership Conference 16) in Nashville.

Again, read over the event details on FetLife to get clues-but, don’t forget that these events are likely to have entire groups on FetLife dedicated to them.  And those groups will have threads where you can ask questions about what type of clothes to bring along.

For both of these, event T-shirts and lifestyle club T-shirts should be ok.

Note: Quran is very clear about the dress code for the believers. Innovations and fabrication intorduced Hijab (veil) to Islam (submission.) Hijab (veil) is a traditional, not religious head cover that dates back to ancient civilizations, and is not supported or advocated by the Quran.(See More)