What sort of Master?

So what type of master or Dominant are you?

Most people believe there’s only one. A master, or by their alternative title, a Dominant. In fact its very rare anybody to meet the archetypal image of a master. Part of the reason for this is that it depends on how much is hardwired into the brain and how much is a learnt, or role-play, behavior. It is the Dominant who has learned to be dominant that often is both dangerous and unreliable.

There is however one type of Dominant that you should stay away from, the Class 3 or 4 sexual sadist, as they are dangerous (below).



The sexual sadist enjoys and becomes aroused by the suffering and pain (emotional or sexual) inflicted upon his slaves or submissives. He will be superb at after-care at first because he’s hooking in his slaves or subs, but only with a view to being able to withdraw the care and replace it with control and, because he enjoys mental suffering, abuse. He will act whether or not his partner is a masochist who enjoys pain because the entire relationship is about his enjoyment and not the enjoyment of both parties in the relationship. He will usually have more than one slave or sub, but will rarely have them together because this reduces his control over each individually.

Care needs to be considered about this Master because whilst there are many Class 2 sexual sadists who are minimally sadistic and yet skilled minor-pain inflictors, there is a very fine dividing line before you get to the abusive sexual sadist or the dangerous extreme ones.

Studies of domestic abuse show that the victim in almost every case not only seeks compliance, but also seeks opportunities for continuing abuse and the sub/slave class is very similar. Every abuse-worker has seen the women return to their abuser and want to drop charges, even after life-threatening injuries and has seen children lie to protect abusive parents.

In an FBI study of 30 men who were sexually aroused by the intentional torture of victims, their crimes were also characterized by careful planning, selection of strangers as victims, use of recording of the offences for blackmail, keeping of victim’s trophies and a pattern of holding the victims captive for periods of time, and the parallel to abusive Masters is striking. (Although it must be said that the number of Class 4 Sexual Sadists who actually kill is very low, or more accurately the number of Class 4 Sexual Sadists who actually kill and get caught is very low.). There are however a large number of Class 3 and Class 4 Sexual Sadists who commit serial sexual assault under the guise of BDSM or Master/Slave relationships and know that not only are their victims unlikely to be believed because of the Master/Slave relationship but also because the victims are also high-powered workers, they’re also not going to want people to know about their non-vanilla lifestyle. At worst, the Class 3 and Class 4 predator is going to lose a slave or sub. At best, they’re going to be able to continue their abuse and in so doing, create a Stockholm syndrome victim.

In the FBI study, 85% of women had a relationship between 3 months and 18 months only, 14% from 2 to 13 years. One woman had dated a sexual sadist as a teenager without sexual, physical or psychological abuse and had a long-term 11-year relationship in what she considered a normal marriage, but that sadist during that time abused and killed over 20 other women. All of the women had no prior knowledge of sadomasochism and were sexually naive about sex and had low self-esteem and low self-confidence. Typical of the higher employment class of victims, they came from middle to upper-middle class backgrounds.

If you look at our interpretation of the law on BDSM you’ll see thatmany involve sadists.

Sub-Class: Fantasy Sexual Sadist (Sadistic Dominant Class 1)

This is a person who has sexually sadistic urges, but tends not to act upon them because the section imperative is all about fantasy and in fact the class one Fantasy Sadist has a relatively high moral character and knows that if he acted upon them he would be wracked with guilt. This person has the ability, under certain conditions involving mental breakdown to become a dangerous pathological dominant. Typically this person will be well organized, rather methodical, may have a relatively fashionable vanilla life job and will spend a great deal of time on Internet BDSM sites or in the dark web. They will collect and catalogue, often using quite sophisticated security, they collection of sexually sadistic pornography. They are also prevalent as Internet Masters, controlling numerous virtual slaves and tend not to control virtual submissives, because their fantasies are too extreme for submissives but not for slaves.

Sub-Class: Consensual Sexual Sadist (Sadistic Dominant Class 2)

This is a sexual sadist who does actually act on his sexually sadistic impulses. He does however do so only with consenting parties. In the vast majority of cases, the sexual sadist is limited in relation to the sadism to that which is acceptable within a local BDSM Munch group and would not normally stand out from other Masters. The class 2 sadistic dominant can range from mild sadism of the typical sort of spanking and severe electro play to the sort of sadism that was seen in the infamous Brown case of nailing foreskins to a piece of wood. At the Milder end of class 2 are set the Masters with submissives, whilst at the other end of class 2 other masters with slaves. This is because in most cases, the more extreme end of class 2 behavior would result in a submissive activating the safety word very often, whereas the slave is less likely to.
(Anyone scoring more than 70% on this test may also fall within class 3 or 4)

Sub-Class: Non-Consensual Sexual Sadist (Sadistic Dominant Class 3)

This is the sexual sadist who has a high fantasy level that would normally put him at the extreme end of class 1, except for the fact that he acts out his fantasies, But not to their full extreme. He will however act out his sexually sadistic impulses with non-consenting adults, and in some cases children, but usually in a circumstance where he has an arguable defence. (Obviously there is no defence in relation to children). A recently example of this is a Master who appears to be a class 2 sadistic Master, but was targeting both slaves and submissives who had vulnerabilities, either because of their race or background or because of the job. He would then blackmail the person into doing whatever he wanted to do for fear of the exposure of the relationship and of what he had done.

The nonconsensual sexual sadist gets off, in exactly the same way that a rapist get off, on the power and domination of taking the slave or submissive without their consent and in many cases, even more so, because of his existing Control as Master, and because in many cases he can force them back for further nonconsensual contact. His actions are every bit as much an act of sexual assault or rape as those of the criminal who climbs into an open window and commits rape of an unknown person or who drags them into a van on the street. In fact, because of the pre-existing relationship of trust that makes up the relationship of Master/Sub or Master/Slave this character should be treated as the more dangerous and exploitative type of rapist.

Since the advent of the Internet and the creation of BDSM meeting places (Whether things like Fetlife or Craigslist’s casual encounters), there has been an explosion of men claiming to be dominant Masters and to fall within class 2 sadistic Masters and operate mostly within that class, but who are very skilled manipulatives who will exploit A lack of after-care in order carryout occasional class III offences. He’s a rapist, a serial sexual assaulter and has the persona of Mr. Care Bear.

Sub-Class: Pathological Sexual Sadist (Sadistic Dominant Class 4)

This is perhaps the most dangerous person you’re likely to meet. This Sexual Sadist is typified by being incredibly manipulative in most cases and someone skilled at operating under the radar; however he operates exactly like a Class 3 predator, fulfilling his sexual urges with non-consenting individuals and often has a predilection for younger slaves and submissives and will readily seek to turn submissives into slaves but he does so coupled with a burning desire to seriously injure or kill them. He doesn’t worry about electro-play across the heart and will actively seek this. He gets off on the risk to his victims because he knows that within consensual play, he’ll probably get away with a death providing there’s an explanation and he’ll be fully aware that his computers will be trawled through so he’ll have hidden USB sticks or untraceable cloud accounts he keeps his material in. He’ll be a skilled manipulator and will often target vulnerable young adults (but anyone vulnerable will do) and will seek to threaten the security of other family members to both manipulate his victim and to break any chain of communication. Ideally for this sadist, he’d like to kill you as his slave or sell you to sex traffickers (which is almost the same kick as killing, or in some cases a bigger kick). This is also the sort of sexual sadist who will build a cage in the cellar of a rented house, disguised by a sound-proofed wall, and then house you there after reporting you missing to the police, and having arranged the evidence that you had another boyfriend with an ocean-going yacht.

For this class of sexual sadist, the thought of killing you or manipulating circumstances so that you die is a major turn-on.

The FBI developed a checklist for potential abuse by sexual sadists, but the difficulty is that a milder consensual version of the top

Activities indicative of
Sexual Psychopath
Activities indicative of Consensual BDSM
Forced elation Mock forced elation
Provision of Electric shocks Electro-sex
Biting, as a means of physical abuse, was reported by all of the women, leaving bruising visible the next day. Mild Biting, leaving no marks
Urinated on Urine control
Extreme Piercing or Clamping of nipples and labia Mild Clamping of nipples and labia
Strangulation manually or by ligature during sexual activities resulting in loss of consciousness or near-loss of consciousness Air-play (very dangerous!)
Extreme painful bondage was used on all the women. Bondage
Assuming uncomfortable positions for extended periods. Assuming uncomfortable positions for short periods as consensual punishment.
Forced sex with friends of the sadist Consensual sex with friends of the Master or other slaves of same sex
Assisted rape by friends of the sadists
Disregard for Injuries (One woman’s husband broke her arm while forcing her to engage in non-consensual anal sex, although she didn’t seek medical advice until she’d left her partner for fear of the consequences). Safe words
Seeking to ensure injury area were not visible to others
Burned with matches, cigarettes or lighters in areas normally covered by clothing so as to preclude inquiries from associates of the women.
Victims were forcibly penetrated anally (for maximal suffering) by large foreign objects, favourites being 12 cell flashlights and baseball bats and anal intercourse appeared to be their sadistic partner’s preferred mode of sexual release. Consensual penetration vaginally and sometimes anally by larger than normal dildos and fucking machines
Enemas and self-enemas Enemas and self-enemas
A Constant demand for sexual activities taking precedence over all other activities. Document setting out relationship
Often left alone after abuse
Repeated Promises not to repeat activities
Never alone, extensive aftercare
Promises to repeat activities

In almost every case the FBI studies, the woman was in a higher employment class than the sexual psychopath.






Gorean Slave Master

These people follow the Gor traditions as elicited in John Frederick Lange Jr’s 32 science fiction books on the planet Gore and relate to an extraterrestrial culture where men are born free and women are slaves. Although BDSM operates a culture of safe, sane and consensual and safe words, followers of Gor don’t follow those rules. Gore slavery is consensual, but only up to a point and the culture of Submissive is really unknown, they’re slaves used only for sexual pleasure and routinely used by any male in the society, taught to avoid eye contract and where punishment is extreme for refusing to obey your Master.

Daddy Dom

Not paedophiles but someone who practices paternalism in its wholesome concept and involving role pay of sexual and non-sexual nature including age play, spankings, and incest-play. Typically this Master, despite the name, is not attracted to children but to adults who embrace their inner child and exhibit child-like behaviour. Typically Daddy Doms don’t have and have not had children and usually admit they’d be useless at dealing with actual children. They get fulfillment from their Baby Girl who trusts them implicitly and who display a child-like innocence and playfulness (daddy brush my hair, Daddy) and the baby Girl worships her Daddy Dom with no holds barred adoration. Daddy Doms will watch Baby Girls favourite cartoons with her, read stories to her, hug her when she’s scared or frightened.

Bear Dom

An anomaly class of a burly or bisexual male Dominant who prefers diminutive and youthful gay subs or bisexual male subs but will also befriend lady-boys and boyish females. Typically hypermasculine and stock and hairy and clad in leather

Lesser God Dom (Lord, Prophet, Pharaoh, King)

This Master expects and thrives on worshipfulness of his submissive subjects, often in highly ritualistic forms and activities but which have the sole purpose of the ego-gratification of the Lesser God. (I can’t help thinking of certain Terry Pratchett writings here). Lesser Gods are not interested in Submissives but in slaves who are prepared to consider him as a deity and usually only for worshipping, the Lesser God’s pleasure and procreation. The Lesser God will have a stable full of slaves and often divided into specializations such as Breeders, Pleasure givers, Income earners and Recruiters.

The Collector Dom

This is a master often referred to online rather than in the real world. They are building this they will submissive is similar to a harem is quite career that they are Quality rather than cost. A typical conversation between two Collector Doms will start with a comparison of how many submissive they have, and will then move onto a discussion about how they collect them and it is not uncommon for collector Dom to electronically, submissive mere minutes after meeting her for the first time online or in an online social network. It is not unusual for a collector to know the online names of his slaves but not their age, gender, or real names. Most of the identified collectors have been teenage boys or boys in their 20s and have almost no knowledge of real-life BDSM. They collect slaves in the same way that they collect football cards and their appetite is fed by an almost unlimited number of naïve teens of both sexes willing to become slaves for a short period of time. (Cynically, it has been said that the reason that they are found online is that their Mums have put them to bed at 10pm so that they don’t oversleep and miss school on the next day.).

The Ineffable Dom (The Dom too great to be described)
this is typically a Dom has been playing with the Dom/Sub lifestyle for a number of years through trial and error and has learnt what he likes and what he does not like and has worked this into a fabric of largely uninformed processes that he believes are commonplace within the BDSM Community and is somebody who has taken all of the dates of dominant behavior that he has read about, Particularly now that the Internet is available, and created what can only be described as a student of dominant and submissive ideas that don’t fit into any particular category or psychological profile and which are characterized by a large number of dangerous practices and usually a complete lack of understanding of the psychology of the relationship.

Tin-Pot Dom

The tin pot Dom and the ineffable Dom are exceedingly similar characters. The tin pot Dom has heard about the master slave relationship all read about it in the magazine and like the Ineffable Dom has looked it up on the Internet and then visited the nearest sexual to obtain Devices of bondage. He’s surely playing this as role-play and entertainment and does not have the psychological profile required to be a successful Master. Unfortunately, he is very difficult to discover, because he is able to role-play and for him it becomes a perfectly natural and appropriate behavior to copy what he sees on the Internet and he does not understand that these may be people who are not role-playing cover as he is, but psychologically programmed to be dominant want to be submissive. He believes that they are making it up as they go just as he is. Eventually he will work out that this relationship does not give him what it is giving the people he watches and the reason for that is that his actions are role-play. Very soon he will get bored and give up, usually dropping his slaves or submissives without the slightest thought about what this might do to her psychologically.

The Tin Pot Dom and the Ineffable Dom are almost as dangerous to slaves and submissives as Class 3 Sexual Sadists because they fail to understand the psychological effects that the relationship can have on both submissives and slaves. Their complete lack of understanding of the need for after-care, and in the unlikely event that they understand what after-care is, a complete inability to provide this effectively, can be as psychologically damaging as the Class 3 Sexual Sadists physical assaults. The vast majority of online Doms or Masters unfortunately fall into these categories of tin Pot and Ineffable Doms.

These men do not come or have A dominant psychology but have instead worked out that there are a large number of women furious about the Dom/Master Sub/Slave lifestyle and that by claiming to be a master they get more women that they would otherwise get. If you get into an argument with these Men, They will claim that they had done much research on the master/Slave relationship. (This was recently and cynically described in a psychological textbook as comparable to a modern day vampire Hunter claiming to have researched how real vampires work.   If you are unlucky enough to meet this persona, he’ll try to split you off from your friends and family so that they “don’t talk sense” into his submissive. A true Dom would establish the true nature of consensual control so that the slave or sub doesn’t want to share her special time with Master with others, but also knows that inevitably she will but only in a positive light, because the true Master has both his and his submissives’ health, welfare and psychological wellbeing balanced and understood by the submissive too.

Alas the Tin Pot and Ineffable Doms are paranoid as well as being delusional and will often result in the submissive being stripped of self-confidence, dignity, and sense of self-worth and trust and feeling abused. The effective Master will build up the Submissive’s feeling of self-worth, and her confidence, dignity and self-trust (as well as trust in him) both during sessions and especially in After-care. The good Master will ensure that the Submissive understands that she is beautiful, intelligent, unique and worthy of his time and that he appreciates her trust in him, which is reflected in her willingness to give herself entirely to him and be subjugated by him.

Having said the above, a handful of Ineffable Doms and Tin Pot Doms do become successful Doms because they suddenly realize that they do have a Dominant psychology and were drawn into being Ineffable Doms and Tin Pot Doms by this side of their personality and they make successful transitions to true Doms and Masters; but the vast majority find the next thing in their life (often marriage and kids) and settle down to a quiet life of domesticity, livened up by the occasional mild bondage of tying the little woman to be bed for a bit of hanky-panky.

Finally there is a type I consider to be the near perfect Master. Often called by writers the White Knight Master.


Typically a high-functioning and successful person in the vanilla-world although showing mild sociopath tendencies. The White Knight is often found to be a mild-mannered but effective police officer (often detective), judge or lawyer, schoolteacher or medic.  They want to right the worlds wrongs, treat their submissive as she should be treated but also as a princess.

Their real day job is linked to being in charge and they carry this into everything they do including their sex life – for them the Dominative lifestyle is commonplace and natural and despite having sociopathic tendencies, they are also warm hearted and have empathy with their Submissives and an innate understanding of how to build them up whilst enforcing their submissiveness.

They will often transcend the self-gratification of all other Masters and will often start a Master/Slave relationship without any thought of their own sexual needs and gratification but will look entirely at those of the Submissive.

His focus will be on the Submissive enjoying herself and becoming willing and submissive and although highly sexual with toys and fingers, the relationship won’t be penis-penetrative at first, if at all.

As the relationship proceeds, the Master/Slave relationship of the White Knight may become mildly sexual for the Master, usually commencing with oral sex as a reward for the Submissive.

Full sex, if it happens, will usually first occur in Aftercare or be discussed in Aftercare as, in the Submissive’s opinion, overdue.

Conduct and Protocol in the White Knight are everything, just as in the days of old; a Knight’s honour and chivalry were tantamount, so you can set whatever yellow, black or red flag areas you like and he’ll respect them, guaranteed.

He will allow and train his Submissive to be Queen in public and whore in the bedroom or dungeon. It is an entirely novel type of wholesome Domination where the Knight knows that anyone who he rescue will become a Queen and that in true Disney fashion, even if he picks up a mud-covered lowly maid, he will be able to teach her, educate her and make her a wholesome submissive and that one day she’ll discover that she was born of royal blood.

As a Knight, he’s seen the underside of humanity, so your background won’t matter, it’s you he’s interested in, not what you do or what you’ve done. Don’t expect him to preach either, you’re at his round table (or perhaps his fetish wheel) and as an insider within his conclave, what you do is OK by him and whilst he believes that anyone can be redeemed, particularly with his help, he won’t interfere; he’ll wait (if necessary for an eternity) for you to ask for his help. If you want to stay unredeemed, he’ll be happy too.

Like all Knights, stay off religion. Knights know religion starts wars so he’ll stay clear of the area anyway.

As Knight of his realm, he’ll expect the privileges and every punishment metered out will have been deserved and will also have been carefully considered. He’ll also take a keen interest in Aftercare in his strumpet’s (or should that be Queen’s) real-world life, even if he can’t be part of it.

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