vaginal fisting?

How safe is vaginal fisting?

This article looks at vaginal fisting and is based primarily on the work of Michelle A. Cretella, MD and Philip M. Sutton, PhD, LMFT, LP (See footnote citation)

Health Risks: Vaginal Fisting Risk

Fisting is on the agenda and widely experimented with particularly between the ages of 14 and 25 and is the sexual practice of inserting a large object, bottle or hand into the vagina or anus of one’s sexual partner, in some cases up to one’s forearm. In this paper, Im simply looking at vaginal fisting and whether this is a threat to young  health?  From a medical standpoint vaginal fisting poses little risk to its participants, unlike anal fisting because the vagina has evolved to be suitable for for penetration by a penis, limb or inanimate object and is designed to stretch as evidenced by childbirth. The vagina is designed to expand, is supported by a network of muscles and produces natural lubricants and is composed of a mucus membrane with a multi-stratified squamous epithelium that allows it to endure friction without damage. (By contrast, the  anus, in contrast, is designed to allow passage of fecal material out of the body and not expected to be widened and is composed of small muscles and significantly more delicate tissues so that anal intercourse, and particularly fisting,  often results in anorectal trauma, hemorrhoids and anal fissures(tears) and also with repeated trauma, friction and stretching, the anal sphincter loses its tone resulting is a chronic leakage of fecal material during normal daily activities and whilst common from penile/anal intercourse alone, a major problem for those engaging in anal fisting; AND anal fisting places the recipient at risk for a variety of anorectal traumas and puts both partners at risk due to exposure to blood and risk of HIV and Hepatitis as well as the large bacterial load carried in faecal matter. The greatest medical danger of anal fisting, however, is damage to the inner walls of the lower colon, tissue very easily torn and not easily diagnosed resulting in an infection of the abdominal cavity (peritonitis) which can be fatal. 

Semen has immune-suppressant activity that increases the chance of sperm fertilizing a woman’s egg during vaginal intercourse and can make vulnerable anal tissue more prone to both infection and the development of cancer.

Statistically homosexual high school students and young adults have a significantly higher rates of major depression, mood disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, conduct disorder, nicotine dependence, other substance abuse and/or dependence, multiple disorders, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts as well as unstable relationships and lower levels of quality of life

Remember too:
1. The brains’ “frontal cortex area — which governs judgment, decision-making and impulse control — doesn’t fully mature until around age 25″ (Voit, 2005)
2. The brain is pretty adept at learning by example,” something “that parents” can and do do to influence “their children’s brain development” is “modeling” and the teenage “brain is pretty adept at learning by example,” so parents- and the other adults involved in the lives of teenagers- teach healthy ways of behaving by showing and giving good examples of how to live (Voit, 2005), and unhealthy behaviors by showing or giving poor examples.

Note: This article looks at vaginal fisting and is based primarily on the work of Michelle A. Cretella, MD and Philip M. Sutton, PhD, LMFT, LP and published at
NARTH has released a more extensive review of the health risks associated with the behaviors of homosexual gratification in Volume I of the Journal of Human Sexuality (NARTH, 2009; cf. for a summary or to obtain a complete copy of this document.) The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides updated information on specific health risks related to homosexual behaviors, cf.

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