Magic of Spanking

You don’t need a Love Potion!

A spanking position is a position assumed by the spanker and the spankee that facilitates the spanking. There are some criitical parts
– Firstly, the spankee’s buttocks must be well-presented for the punishment in terms of reach, and there are two important aspects here – reach and vi
– Secondly the spankee’s buttocks must be well-presented for the view
– Thirdly a spanking position is often designed such that the spankee cannot move out of position easily unless permitted by the spanker.
– Fourthly, a good spanking position is comfortable for both the spankee and the spanker,
Fifthly , a good spanking position does not obstruct breathing, circulation, and minimizes the risk of injury from uncontrolled body movements.

There are many such positions, and each has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The choice of position will influence the “feel” of the spanking for both the spanker and the spankee. As an (often welcome) side effect, practically all spanking positions are also humbling or humiliating for the spankee to assume.

What is the angle of the legs with respect to the torso?
This determines how taut the buttocks are (gluteal muscles and skin) and whether clenching is possible or not.
For spankees with less fleshy buttocks, if the buttocks are taut, there is a higher risk of hitting the pelvic bone and injuring them.
Are the legs together or apart?
This influences the shape of the buttocks, and affects whether the inside of the vagina and the anal and genital regions are exposed, and whether the inner thighs can be targeted.
Is the head lower, on the same level, or higher than the torso?
This determines blood circulation because if the head is too low with respect to the torso, blood will flow faster into the head and cause drowsiness or giddiness.
Does the position require the spankee to exert some force to remain in position?
Can the spankee relax all his/her muscles when in position?
This determines whether the spankee is able to focus fully on the spanking and not be distracted by having to struggle to remain in position.
Is breathing difficult?
If breathing is difficult, then that position should not be adopted because it is risky.

Over the lap at the edge of a bed or couch
The spanker sits at the edge of a bed or couch. The spankee lies face down across his lap with her bottom positioned for convenient spanking. For all over the lap positions, the best implements are short paddles, hairbrushes, or similar small toys.

The over-the-knee position, often abbreviated OTK, is one of the most popular spanking positions. The spanker is seated and lays the spankee sideways over his/her lap, facedown and bottom up. This position leaves the spankee entirely at the spanker’s disposal and in close body contact.
The spankee can be kept in position well; once in position, he/she normally cannot get away or up until the spanker permits it.
The spanker can use one arm and hand to hold the spankee in place while he/she spanks with the other hand.
The spanker can also lift one leg over both legs of the spankee, thus further restraining the spankee, particularly in regards to kicking, and causing a sharper upward bend of the spankee’s body at the bottom.

OTK is the classical position for hand-spankings and spankings with a short implement such as a hairbrush or a ping-pong paddle. It is not good for long implements such as whips or canes, which require greater distance. For erotic spanking, this position can be desirable because of the close body contact between the spanker and the spankee.

Over the lap on a plain, armless chair 
The spanker sits on the chair and the sub lies across his lap but must support herself with hands and toes, having the disadvantage that this distracts her from the more important matter at hand.

The hands-on-chair position (spankee standing, hands placed on the seat). The hands-on-chair position is a common variant of the bent-over position. It is a spanking position in which the spankee is standing, with his/her hands (or forearms) placed on the seat of a chair, stool or similar piece of furniture that is about knee high (e.g. a bench, piano bench, pouffe, couch, armchair, coffee table). The solid support at a convenient height makes the position easier to assume and hold than the hands-on-knees position. Still there is no support under the spankee’s hips in this position.

Bent over chair
In a variant, the chair is turned such that the spankee has to bend over the chair’s back to reach the seat. Depending on the size of the spankee and the chair, this can create pressure on the spankee’s abdomen, and force them to stand on tiptoes.

Hands on desk
Another variant is to place the hands on the top of a table or desk. This is higher and results in a standing position that is only slightly bent over

Lie on desk
Another variant is the bent-over-table position. This is a favourite as it allows the spanker to pull hair and control the spankee- particularly if legs are tied or spread-eagled.

Over the lap at the center of a bed 
In this variation, the spanker sits on the bed with legs extended and the spankee lies across his lap. This position works best when the spanker is positioned at the head of the bed and can lean back against a wall or headboard.

The Scissor –
This position is identical to over the lap, except that the spanker places one leg over both of the spankee’s legs. This arrangement keeps the recipient in places and controls kicking.

Hands and knees 
As the name suggests, the spankee is positioned upon hands and knees, typically on a bed or the floor. This position is convenient for both spanking and sex. Almost any implement can be used.

Standing with hands down 
The spankee stands, bent over, with hands placed on a chair or bed. This classic position lends itself to the use of longer, more severe implements.

Standing ankle grab 
The spankee stands, bent far over, with hands around her ankles. This is the traditional institutional corporal punishment stance. It stretches the bottom to make it more vulnerable. Longer, more severe implements are typically used. a variant allows her to hold the back of her knees.


Standing over leg 
The spanker places one leg on a stool or similar platform while the spankee faces her spanker and bends over the extended thigh.

Standing arm around waist 
The spankee faces the spanker and bends forward while the spanker’s arm encircles her waist

The diaper position, also called legs up position, is a spanking position in which the spankee lies on their back, e.g. on a bed or couch, and their legs are elevated and held above their body, thus exposing the buttocks for spanking. The spankee may hold their own legs, or perhaps more commonly, they may be held by the spanker. If the spanker holds the spankee’s legs, he or she may use them to raise the lower part of the spankee’s body slightly off its support, thus further exposing the buttocks. It is also very practical to place a cushion under the spankee’s hips for the same purpose.

This position gets its name because in changing a diaper on an infant, they are put in a similar position. In spite of its name, the diaper position is not typically associated with the spanking of children, but more with the erotic spanking of adults. In this position the genital area is exposedand visible to the spanker, and there is increased blood flow to the head and upper body of the spankee, which can increase sensation. Also the spankee’s skin is relatively taut, which also increases sensation. Last but not least, the diaper position is practically the only position in which the spankee’s face is up, not down, which allows eye contact between the spanker and the spankee during the spanking.

When spanking in the diaper position, special care should be taken not to accidentally hit the spankee’s genitals (unless this is desired by the spankee). This aspect is especially important for male spankees. One option is to allow the spankee to cover their genitals/testes with their hand during a spanking in this position, or to use a jockstrap.

Upside down trestle / Inverted Diaper




The lunge position is a spanking position in which the spankee holds their buttocks at the highest point of their body, as high as possible, by balancing on hands and feet or on tiptoes with no other means of support. Knees are off the floor and as straight as possible. Hands and feet are at least shoulder-width apart for better stability. If the spankee’s bottom is not high enough, the spanker can correct it by pulling up the spankee’s hips. In Hatha Yoga, a similar posture (but with feet together, heels on the floor) is known as Adho Mukha Svanasana, Downward Dog or Downward-Facing Dog.  
The lunge position is mostly appreciated because the spankee looks attractive, erotic, exposed and spankable in it. No matter how perfect the spankee is positioned, s/he can always improve, holding the buttocks stuck up higher into the air, legs are readjusted to be wider, etc. The spanker should not shirk from making exacting demands regarding proper positioning of the spankee.  The lunge position is one of the most demanding positions. Most spankees find it one of the most uncomfortable and unstable spanking positions and a very difficult position to maintain, especially after the spanking has started. The spanker is assertive in requiring readjustment should the spankee falter in maintaining the proper lunge position. Verbal communication may be necessary to encourage the spankee to continue to assume the correct position.  The position is similar to the bent over a stool position, except that there is no stool – there is no support at all under the spankee’s torso or hips. This is also the main drawback of the lunge position. It is not good for longer periods of time, or for anything but a quick spanking (e.g. a short caning). There is a high temptation to collapse into the on-all-fours position (knees touching the ground

The knee-chest position, also called genupectoral position, is a spanking position in which the spankee assumes the on-all-fours position and then lowers their chest so that their cheast and head touches the ground/mattress and their bottom sticks up into the air. This position is often assumed when the spankee is on a bed. The spankee can turn their head sideways to breathe easier.

The arms can be stretched beyond the spankee’s head, to the sides, crossed under the spankee’s head, or the spankee can lace their fingers behind his/her neck.The knee-chest position can be uncomfortable as it places stress on the spankee’s stomach. The spankee can spread their knees slightly for better comfort. This position results in the spankee’s anus and genitals being exposed (for males, mainly the scrotum). Care must be taken not to accidentally hit the testicles. In erotic spanking, the knee-chest position allows a spanker to play with the spankee’s genitals and stimulate them while spanking the spankee’s bottom.

Spanking bench


A whipping frame or spanking bench is an item of spanking furniture that serves to position a spankee for a spanking (usually with an implement). They are commonly used in judicial and prison corporal punishment. The spankee is often restrained when such frames are used.  These frames come in various designs and sizes, and may be known by different names – trestle, A-frame, triangle, rack, etc. They are typically made up of connecting bars of different lengths and thicknesses, constructed from material such as wood, metal or bamboo.

Frames can be designed to serve as birching horses, birching stools or spanking benches. The part of the frame where the spankee rests on can be padded for more comfort and better support

Most couples are very familiar with the spoon position, where the spanker lies on his side behind and parallel to the spankee. While not an ideal arrangement for spanking, it works for a few quick swats. In such close quarters, implements are impractical.

The Splits 
This is an odd position that works surprisingly well. The spanker sits cross-legged in the center of a bed with pillows behind his back for support. The spankee then positions herself on her stomach with her legs straddling her partner. Pillows beneath her torso are helpful. Short to medium sized implements work best. Interestingly, the spanker can easily employ an implement in each hand for rapid fire spanking.

The bongo position, also called the wheelbarrow position, is a spanking position in which the spanker sits (e.g. on a chair, stool or couch) and the spankee is tucked between his/her knees, facing down and forward, with the spankee’s legs spread to either side of the spanker. The spankee’s hands and/or elbows are on the floor.he spanker can spank with one or both hands, or with a short implement such as a hairbrush. It is a little difficult to get into this position. One possible way is to start with the spankee sitting on the spanker’s lap, with spread legs, facing away from the spanker. The spankee then lowers his/her body until he/she can touch the floor. At the same time, the spanker opens his/her knees to let the spankee’s waist come in between. Finally, the spanker can pull the spankee into the proper pose. Another possibility is to make the spankee go down on all fours on the floor in front of the spanker, facing forward. The spankee then crawls backwards and the spanker lifts the spankee’s hips onto his/her lap. This position is not possible if the spankee’s pants are pulled half-way down. Pants and underwear must be either in place or completely off. The position is symmetric, which is unusual for a spanking position. The spanker has a good, frontal view of the spankee’s bottom (and anus/genital region if the spankee is bare bottom). The spankee feels very exposed and ‘on display’ in this position. Both partners are, in a way, ‘interlocked’ in close but unusual body contact, with their genital regions at close range or touching – so the position may find use in erotic spanking, for example. A disadvantage is that the spankee’s hands must bear the weight of their upper body, and that the spankee’s head can be low which is bad for circulation. Another risk that comes with this position is that if the spankee kicks his/her feet during the spanking, they can easily hit the spanker’s head.

Bongo Reversed
The reverse bongo position is an unusual spanking position in which the spankee is upside down, legs bent. Their bottom is right in front of a seated or kneeling spanker. The position is somewhat similar to the bongo position, but the spankee’s face and legs face forward and up, not backward and down. The spanker can either sit and take the spankee’s waist between their legs, or kneel and support the spankee’s lower back with their thighs. This position facilitates spanking the sit spots and is highly humiliating for the spankee being positioned like that and so particularly exposed. But otherwise it is an awkward position, either unstable or uncomfortable, and the spankee can easily kick the spanker. It is probably only useful as a fun variant for playful spanking with a cooperative spankee for a short time. Another more technical idea is to make the spankee wear a kind of wooden disk or board around their waist, in the way of the Chinese head board (wearable pillory), that could serve to hold them in place












The plow position is a position in Yoga that can also be used as a spanking position, although it is a rather uncommon position for spanking. In Yoga, it is also known as Halasana. The spankee reclines on his/her back (e.g. on a bed, a mattress or a floor that’s softened with a carpet, a blanket or a towel) and lifts his/her legs behind his/her head. The knees can either be almost straight (this is the recommended way in Yoga) or touch the surface to either side of the head. The buttocks will be at the highest point of the spankee’s body. This position is similar to the diaper position, but with the spankee’s legs further up and behind, and the spankee’s bottom clear off from the surface and sticking up into the air. The spanker can optionally hold the spankee’s legs in place, or secure them with bondage. This position can be erotic and/or humiliating, but it is somewhat uncomfortable for the spankee and can make breathing difficult. It also puts significant strain on the spankee’s cervical spine (which is not designed to support this type of weight) and can cause spinal injuries. If this position is used for spanking at all, only a very lightweight implement should be used—nothing as heavy as a paddle or the hand, which would put even greater strain on the spankee’s spine

The spankee kneels on the floor or a bed, often with her hands bound overhead. This position works well for belts, straps, canes, and similar whippy implements.

Janeen’s kneel –
The spankee kneels on the seat of a chair with her arms wrapped around the back. This position allows for almost any implement.

Over the back or arm of a chair or couch 
This position is relatively comfortable for the spankee (aside from the obvious) because she is fully supported. Almost any implement is appropriate.

Lying on seat of chair 
The spankee places knees on the floor and her chest on the seat of a chair. In the case of a rocking chair, the rocking motion can be utilized to enhance and intensify the spanking.

Lying flat on bed, couch, or floor 
The spankee lies on her stomach, typically on a bed. A common variation places the spankee’s torso atop a pile of pillows.

During doggy style sex 
This sounds better than it is. In fact, the spanker is so close that he cannot reach the primary spanking surfaces. As a result, he ends up spanking hips and thighs instead. Many spankees dislike this type of play.

During woman on top sex 
In contrast, this spanking and sex combination can actually work, though aim can be a challenge. The spanker typically employs a long handled implement such as a bath brush and reaches around. Since the spanker cannot see his target, he must spank by feel.

The tuck 
The spankee assumes a low, face down crouch with knees beneath her. Because bones are exposed, this position works best with flexible leather implements.

Position is a matter of personal preference, although its hard to use certain implements with certain positions…like a cane otk. But as a general rule, the position is up to you. 

Bending over stretches the skin and underlying muscles, making any spanking hurt more than it would otherwise. Most newbies (or those not spanked regularly) would bruise from a spanking received in this position. 

I have been spanked in most positions…ok, not really “diaper” but all the others. My favorite is otk, with lying on the bed or over the arm of the couch a close second. Ive felt the cane, paddles, hairbrush, floggers, belt and what have you in these positions and enjoyed them all. If you want to enjoy a spanking, being comfortable is important. 

Wood paddles definitely do sting more than leather ones, especially if their varnished or have holes. Your reaction was perfectly normal. The CB gets me to “holy shit that hurts!” in 10 seconds flat. I love leather paddles the best; floggers, my hairbrush, plastic rulers and the crop as well. Hope this helped.  

Unless you’re going for a sudden and intense spanking, I think warm-up often gets overlooked. I very rarely start spanking with an implement. Usually, its several minutes of hand spanking first and then gradually building to the implement. The only time I go straight for an implement is for punishment, and then its usually something like a hairbrush. 

As Wolfie said, the more you bend over, the tighter everything gets and the more intense it usually is. The positions we use the most are either OTK sitting on the bed or couch with her supported on both sides of my lap, or OTK on the bed with her upper body on the bed and feet on the floor. We do occasionally also have her bent over the end of the footboard or laying face down on the bed too.